🥇 Mercedes-Benz Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~ New Deals Updated

CALIFORNIA ONLY, NorCal residents must pick up in SoCal or have their car shipped.
Please contact when you are ready to go, not 3 months in advance :joy:

Text Paul at 818-434-8063 or Gor 424-278-8216 for New Car Inquiries

Text Gor at 424-278-8216 or Paul at 818-434-8063

Scroll to the very bottom for newest deals


Plug :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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:electric_plug: :electric_plug: :electric_plug: :electric_plug: :electric_plug: 202020

What is the lease offer on GLS 450 ? I am in nor cal but can take delivery in so-cal

2019 or 2020?

Preferably 19 as it would be bestter deal right

I PM’d you our spreadsheet with 19 GLS on it

Looking for 2020 glc 350. Live in NorCal.

I have flexibility to wait until next month. Would a MB GLC300 (2019/2020) at $350/month, $1k down realistic?

Interested in Merc!

No, it is not.

December link now available; Waiting on pricing enhancements for 19 S Class, everything else is about the same

do you ship all over the USA or only work with California?

Only California

Instructions are in the first post.

Shot you an email!

Solid G63 deal. But gotta be Tier A1++++ with comp auto

Based on tier 1 .00245 rate
You do need comp auto just like any other 150k+ car loan

How about 36 months gle 43amg

Send me the spreadsheet looking at a GLC 300 4matic 2019 / 2020

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