🥇 Mercedes-Benz Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~ New Deals Updated

Instructions are in the first post.

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Also, learn how to ask for things with a little bit of respect. Lol.


Possible spreadsheet?

Can you please explain what does this mean?

In order to qualify for this lease you must have paid similar paid off auto history

How far in the history needs to go, sorry just trying to understand to be in the ball game!

Within 7 years

Last question, anyone in the household will suffice, or under leasee name only?

Under leasee name

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CLS/GLS Demo deals posted above.

Have one more Matte Black w/Red Interior Available. Serious Inquiries Only Please. Yes, you’re still paying a mark up.


Is that a magno color (no, def not in the market)? Nice looking car… ::sigh::

Yes, designo Night Black Magno. 2nd G63 we’ve sold in this color, pictures definitely don’t do it justice

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New to the forum. How do you rate the A220 Demo lease deal? It seems average to me but what am I missing?

Great deal considering how loaded the car is

Is it still available? If so, PM me with the details

Yes. The details of the car are all there. If you have any specific questions, text one of us.

Interested in CLA/GLB with AMG styling preferably. PM’d you. Cheers.

Not a Hakr car but some eye candy :drooling_face::fire::fire::fire:


Guess we have some MB fans here, last few

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