Mercedes Benz GLE 350: MB Finishing Touch Charge? & Key Replacement?

I got a breakdown (quote) from Mercedes Benz dealer and they have included “Finishing Touch” at $995 and “Key Replacement” at $495.
Are these required fees (or, optional)?

No, those are not required by law or by Mercedes Benz. But the dealer may not be willing to take them off because those types of things have fat profit margins.

Either way, horrible deal… close to effectively $900 on a barebones stripper GLE :nauseated_face:


What would make it a good deal? 36months/10k miles

Same deal minus Key Replacement and Finishing Touch. Should kick your payment down $40

Double check if you’re at buyrate too. Its very possible that the MF is maxed. Unlikely but verify no incentives at play here either. If that all checks out and they drop the adds then you’re good. 9%+ pre on a GLE right now is great. Again, IF that all checks out.

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Even without those two add-ons, this deal is atrocious.


The new body GLE hasn’t been a good deal ever since it launched. And there’s no reason to expect that to change in this market.

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Still won’t make it anywhere close to a good deal.


Even now? When no one is leasing for anything resembling a good deal?

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I thought 10% off msrp and no extra BS fees is typically a “good deal”.

What % off MSRP do you consider a good deal?

There are some cars where a good deal for that vehicle (as this may be) still is a poor value because of the lease programs.

Lease programs? Do you mean RV and MF?

Rv/mf/incentives basically

Theres a lot more to making a deal ‘good’ than just the % off MSRP. 10% before incentives tends to be a good starting point (though that obviously varies). Putting money down on a lease is also never a good idea. Have you compared this with other deals for a GLE on here? What incentives do you qualify for and are applied here?

Not for this car. 10% off pre-incentive for a GLE is a miracle, based on other posted quotes recently.

True. I should have clarified that I meant in more broad terms. For the car, 10% would be a miracle you are correct.

I got 10.75% off the msrp - I think that is good. Unforutately, the money factor cannot be changed - but, 10 MSD helped lower the monthly payment. Although, there are other cars that might be considered better deals.

To clarify: 10.75% off (there were no incentives)

10.75% was your final numbers or are you saying that’s what this offer sheet shows? Was that at buy rate mf?