Mercedes Benz GLB250 4matic Loaner Defective Car Lease - Need Suggestions on the options here

I leased a 1.9k miles loaner 2 weeks back @389/month (includes PPM and wear and tear), no downpayment and $200 DAS. There was a creaking sound when the car would go downhill.
I took the car after a week of delivery and explained the problem. They returned the car saying its fixed but the sound was still there. I went back again after 2 days and asked the service manager to take a look. He acknowledged that the problem is there and they would resolve it. After a week, he calls and says they are unable to identify what the problem is and they might trade in another vehicle since the one I lease currently is defective. This is my first lease in US and first experience dealing with something like this. I wanted to understand what are my options here:

  1. Can I opt out of the lease and not take any other car they offer?
  2. Can I leverage this bad customer experience to say no if they offer me a car which is worse than my current lease( specs/color/msrp wise) and ask them to at least match my current specs/msrp?
  3. Can I get them to offer me any other incentives or lower the lease cost?

I just wanted to check on my options here from fellow hackers who have experienced something like this.I want to be prepared for whatever options I get when I visit them.

Don’t be a jerk. If they are offering to give you a new car to resolve the issue then that is great customer service.


German quality!*

*automobiles may be made in Mexico :avocado::taco::avocado::taco:


I am not sure what they are offering in exchange. They just told they might give another car. I do not want to get some profit out of it. Frankly, I am happy to get similar car with no defects. I am just trying to check my options here if they offer me something which is worse than my current car (specs wise or more miles on it). Can I ask them to provide a better one or do I have an option to say no and cancel my lease?

If it were me and they offered the exact car as a replacement I would take it. Also for that payment you would be crazy to cancel the deal.


Thank you. They did play me with the payments at the end. My initial lease payment was 355/month and it was supposed to include PPM. But at the last moment they said PPM is not included and made the final offer 389/month. I just took it as I had invested the whole day there and we needed the car badly. It was not very professional of them to do so. But yeah I would mostly take a similar car of they offer.

You won’t be able to cancel the lease. Just wait until they give you an official offer, then go from there. No point in speculations.


Thanks. Sure, I will keep the thread updated with what they offer me.

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After talking to the service manager on phone from last couple of days, we realized that it is better to go and visit them. He said they have ordered a new clutch from Germany and he is not sure how many more days it is gonna take. Hence, we went today and talked to the general manager.
He confirmed that we will be getting another similar car with similar miles and same MSRP. He asked me not to pay the first month lease payment (due in 2 days) and they are going to make the current lease contract void and we will have to sign a new one. We are very pleases with the outcome, lets see what we get.
Let me know if anyone has any suggestions/comments on this. Thank you.

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Make sure you get this all in writing.

Did MBFS invoice you for the payment? You’ll want in writing from them too.

Not making an invoiced payment is always risky, because accounts receivable systems are automated and could potentially report a non payment to your credit report.

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I just had a discussion with the GM yesterday late evening and he said he will get this done today. I have nothing in writing though.

Yes, MBFS has generated the invoice for it to be paid but GM specifically asked us not pay it as it will be easier for them to make the lease void.

Credit report is a good point, let me check with them.
Thank you.

Update - we met GM again today. He presented 4 options:

  1. Replace with another car having similar specs. It will be ready in 3-4 weeks time. (It has lesser miles on it and a little better specs)
  2. Wait for our current car to get fixed( No ETA)
  3. Take another car, not the same features and adjust the price in the new lease accordingly.
  4. Walk out of the lease with no charges.

We really wanted the car as it was on a descent deal. Hence we selected option 1 and we would have to wait for 3-4 weeks till we get it.

In the meantime, MBFS will take care of any payments for my current lease (app. 2 months payments). They have given us a courtesy loaner till then.

I was really glad that they gave us an option of getting out of the lease with no charges, showed the customer service they have. I am really pleased with the level of attention those guys paid and presented us with all the possible options.


Hey congrats! Best situation is one where everyone walks away without needing a lawyer. Enjoy the loaner and replacement!

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Consider yourself extremely lucky. You’ll be hard pressed to ever find a situation like this pan out in your favor so easily again. 99% of the time, once you sign the papers and drive off, they’ll let you continue to bring the car in to attempt a repair until you have the ability to qualify to hire a lemon law attorney.

Do you have this in writing as well?


Not just in writing, but in writing from MBFS?

I have it in writing from GM.

Not from MBFS. GM instructed one of his colleague to get MB Select claim going on this.

Hey, yeah. Thanks. Glad it kind of worked out

Does option 1 also mean you keep the same monthly payment?

yeah, he said unless the interest rates change drastically (which he doesnt see happening in Nov), he will make sure we have the same monthly payment.