Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread - 2

Model Y, that’s a low bar, even EQB feels better than Y :wink:

For those who lease n like it. At what price point will you consider buying it?

Your right, its our first ev car and we thought model y was a good call, while they had them heavily discounted coming from a mazda cx9

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You’re not the only one. Tesla is the first brand people will think if they consider EV. It was the only reasonable choice when my parent bought their tesla Y LR in 2021.

This dude also has a Bentley… so yeah he drives the full spectrum

I’d take my EQS AMG over the Bentyaga all day…

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But would you take a AMG GT63S over a 911?

911 ev is coming…. Mission E they call it

No. GT63 is nice but it won’t really be a “driver’s car”.

I do miss my CLS63

My Amg eqe is the single car I got most compliments from strangers. Within a short 1-2 months, have got at least 10 folks from guy helping out at drive through car wash to random stranger in grocery parking walking by telling me nice car. Never heard anything like that for my Tesla model X, bmw X7, bmw 5 series etc before.


So apparently the EQS 450 SUV 4 matic doesn’t get any fleet cash support now. Verified with fleetoperations and couple dealerships.

Is this 2023 model year or 2024?

MY23 and 24


Uhhhh I see EQS 450 V4 (which is the 4Matic sedan) and EQS 450 X (which is the SUV) on there for both 2023 and 2024 model year.

$11,000 for 2023
$6,000 for 2024.

Unfortunately for @djrabbi the GLS63 is missing on this list. Sad.

Yes but not the eqs 450 suv. I should put SUV there.
EQS450X is the EQS 450+.

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Oohhhhh you mean the specific EQS 450 X4 (4Matic SUV). Gotcha.

Fleet = Amex for these right?

i believe so

The quality and comfort is superb. However, if I were to pay cash for something like this (I wouldn’t, but if I would), there’s a bunch of things that bother me, like the AR HUD positioning, the adaptive cruise control being a bit shit, the Screen UI/UX being terrible.

For the price I pay it’s fantastic. For its own price hell no, I would rather take a Taycan or any gas version really.

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The Mercedes dealership that charged someone 3k a month for an EQS AMG with who knows how much down emailed me this today. Should I inquire about it?? :rofl: sounds too good to be true from them!