Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread - 2

How to get a good LEASE deal on an EQS

The second part in a LH series. Started 03/2023.

Continued from Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread - 1

Reposting in new thread since I didn’t know threads close at 10K posts.

Anyone know if it’s possible for something internal to deep scratch window glass on the interior from opening/closing window? Got a scratch out of nowhere on drivers side interior window that is bigger than quarter size wide (maybe a little bigger). Felt it with a nail and it’s cut into the glass. This isn’t EQS specific but definitely a head scratcher. Doesn’t show up well in a picture but definitely noticeable since window is tinted.

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Having my lease coming up and had the autovin inspection completed. Report says I need new rear tires. Has anyone had any such experience and any advice?

Hi. I just had my inspection on Thursday and my tires are at 4/32 - the minimum you need when you return it. I have 9700 miles. I got a 13 month lease back in April last year. I am thinking of just returning it this week vs next month. I don’t want to be on the hook for $2000 for new tires. $2000 is MY replacement cost. MBFS might charge more. I am glad I went with the 13 month lease vs 24. Good luck.

10K posts… Congrats EQS people. 438k views on part one.


I think the funniest part of this 10,000+ post thread is that someone at Daimler probably has to read all of it. To better understand how the EQS net price collapsed and also to understand how some dealers are operating effectively at a nationwide scale.

So much visibility into how to chase the EQS deals is not normal for the legacy franchise dealer model.


More likely some analyst runs the thread through ChatGPT and gets a summary!

Can you imagine how much hate and confusion the AI would feel if it were trained on the used car pricing insanity thread?

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Hello all, I have a few questions from the lease structure of the EQS.

  1. I have a line item AMO$/OPT in my lease for $1400. Does anyone know what this is and should I keep it or ask to remove it?
  2. While leasing, do you recommend buying any extra protection or insurance they sell to you?
  3. Acquisition fees is $1095 in CA. Can this be negotiated down or is this standard?
    Thank you,

I would look for either 2 of the same brand/model used tires on eBay, with sufficient tread, or 4 new cheap China tires, that meet minimum requirements.

Generally not recommended. Perhaps wheel & tire if you have a habit of curbing wheels.

Not negotiable and $1095 is pretty standard nationwide.

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Hi folks, Appreciate your response on this. I plan to go in to the dealership today.

Grok would be a more appropriate LLM here, no ?

Yes but I think they will knock you for replacing just rears and not fronts if the brands/model don’t match.

I would just get matching rear used.

What’s your plan? Did you calculate a target payment using calc for the model MSRP, discount, incentives, base MF and term RV you want?

Thank you for the info

Thank you. Yes, I am collecting few quotes and using the calc to confirm if it is matching my payment goal.

Don’t collect quotes, send out quotes instead.

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Hey, still want an EQS for under $40K? How about a clean title '23 with 25K miles for under 39? Dealer gets whopping 1.7 stars though.

Per CarGurus: GREAT DEAL
$20,056 below market - try topping that number :rofl:

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lol that dealer is hella shady. Their cargurus listings are usually messed up. That car isn’t that cheap.