Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ for $575+tax

In the Pinnacle trim, the rear seats are power adjustable, as well as ventilated and cooled. The base trim is really basic.

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Because I have couple of hours to kill and just curious about the car? Besides, I offered to come over.

how many months lease?

Is the dealer in MD?

Who is going to utilize that feature? It is one person car based on LH standard LOL

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SoCal 2020

24 mos with 7.5k miles

There is no need to share someone else’s contract to make the dealer match that deal. It is just a sales tactic. Dealer could always come back and tell you the contract is fake.

Make the dealer an offer and if they say yes, take the deal. If they say no, then move on.


This is not the way to negotiate a deal. You use data to come up with a reasonable offer and you use the info from this site to help. Showing a dealer a contract or a LH post will never work. They are just toying with you. Move on.

Without tax credit you are screwed in TX, no matter what you do.

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Contact @Clutch, he’s running a special on EQS

All questions that haven’t already been answered need to go to the EQS super thread. Search the forum first.