Mercedes Benz deals

this is to answer the many questions I get that seem to be the same:

  1. all deals require fleet, you can either use amex, Sams club if you’ve been a member for over 60 days, a qualifying employer. No, they are not stackable. These are qualifiers the amount is the same.
  2. loyalty and how you qualify is for CURRENT Mercedes Benz leases that will expire from now until SEPT 2024.
  3. I am not a broker, I am a direct dealer. I am doing some out of state transactions.
  4. if you’re going to widely inquire about a model you need to at least know what you’re looking for (i.e. color, package, etc.) I unfortunately cannot sent you 50 build sheets and run you 50 quotes I just don’t have the bandwidth to do volume and that at the same time. Happy to help find you the car but I cannot send you a million options.
  5. I usually list the most aggressive terms. I will select the cheapest and best term and post them. They are definitely available for any car but they are more in payment is all.
  6. pricing is only available to a select few people at our dealer if you are inquiring through the phone/online with us they will not offer it to you. This is just to protect the people doing the work on this forum for our dealer.

Any other questions feel free to text me 408-780-9770


note to hackrs – we have dealers lurking — kudos to this guy for bringing these deals – get them asap!


Do you have any demos in the $500 per month range?

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You can be proud to be #1 to ask


someone inquired a few days ago, they were at full 150 markup on the MF

sorry we do not right now.

I dont have anything marked up here at 150

Is drive off Acq, tags and first month? No cap reduction from DAS?

first months, reg, fees. acq rolled in. no cap reduction.

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Subtract $30/mo for 7,500?

it is about 40-50 roughly since its 24 months

2022 EQS450 sedan NEW
103610 MSRP
792.30 plus tax - drive off 10k miles
24 months
684.15 plus tax - drive off full MSD 10k miles
24 months

Is this still available? and for 91504 zip what will be total out of pocket drive off ? Thanks.


Lol someone had to say it right?


The bar was set….it’d be foolish not to🤪

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What is the MF for 24 & 36 month leases? A dealer quoted me MF .00268 for 36 months.


Does it come with a full car cover (blackout) or the Cloak of Invisibility?

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