Mercedes Acquisition Fee's?



Calculator says $795 Most dealers are hitting me with a $1,095 fee on a 2018 GLE in the NY/NJ/PA area…Are they just jacking them up? Also after 8 MSD’s on the calculator the interest rate doesn’t get any lower but the dealer is requiring 10???


Many, if not most, dealers jack up the Acq fee, at least in my area. Tell them you know it’s pure gravy for the dealer, and require them to back the $300 off the discounted price to make you “whole.”


it’s 795 standard. Many add 300 to it, but if they give you fleet, or employee discounts, it drops to 495. The dealer seems to be adding to the MF. I would ask what the base MF is with no MSD’s then with.


Fleet had no effect on my $1,095 acq fee.


Hopefully they’re nice enough to have a big doc fee too😉


@joeblogs $141?


Sounds like it’s capped by the state


Interesting, what would a normal doc fee be? Afraid to say I never really paid any attention to it… Most were .00053 MF and 53% residual a few jacked the MF to .00054… I dealer had some cars with up to $3,000 in incentives with no explanation of them and would not honor USAA with them… Prices have been all over the place as have discounts from 6% to 15% all on 2018s I am kind of thinking it might be best to ride out the 3 months left in my current Mercedes lease and look at some other brands…