Mercedes A220 - $322/m+tax for 10K Miles - MSRP $45k

Picked up this yesterday, more details below

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Mercedes A220
MSRP: $45200
Selling Price: $36500 (includes $750 lease credit)*
Monthly Payment: $ 322+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k***
MF: 0.00051 , reduced to 0.00002 via 7 MSDs
Residual: 58%
Incentives: 1st Month Payment waiver *, **
Region: Norcal, SF Bay Area
Leasehackr Score: 11.9y
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

  • Lease credit of 750 was included in discounted price
  • Merc has a 1st month payment waiver. However, the calculator comes off by ~350 so I just adjusted that in the incentives, not sure where that extra discount is coming from
  • Actual deal was for 15k miles, so we are paying 361+ tax, just sign and drive.

Additional note: I saw someone do this and I tried: Bump the MF up by 0.0002, and offset that by 1% additional discount. Dealer profit remains the same. Then erreduce that higher MF by another 3 MSDs, saves you another 1% of costs. However, this dealer couldn’t do this because there wasn’t more margin on the front end.

Dealer has many 2019s on the lot, various models, all of them priced to around >15%, some even 20% off MSRP


Great deal. Good to see someone attempting advanced hackr ninja moves. Thanks for sharing and letting us know what deals are possible in CA.


shud see more Merc deals this month as its last month for 19s

did a similar deal:

2019 Demo Mercedes A220
Black exterior
Black/Silver interior
Premium package
SoCal region
MSRP $36000
Selling price: $29990
36/15k miles
$1220 DAS
$318 monthly payment + tax

did you get any extra packages?

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Mine had like 10K in options in it.

yeah i missed out on navigation, lane assist, and air conditioned seats

happy with the deal otherwise because i initially was going to get a grey base model but they said the gas cap was broken so they let me pick a different color for the same price including premium package. would have used MSD if the dealer allowed it

i feel like there has to be some way to add on navigation through mbux though

next time perhaps. Or maybe swap it out soon and then get into another lol

Hi @boozinix, I am new to this group and looking for a lease deal ASAP and would like to close the deal this week.
Can you please let me know the dealer. I am in Norcal , Bay Area (San Jose to be specific) as well.

Apologies in advance, if asking dealer info is against the rule of the forum.

Thanks in advance!

Good deals on here. I remember a year ago someone leased a 46k A220 for their daughter at well over 600 a month. Insane.

Oh I remember that thread. It was painful.

@Sabya let me PM you.

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I had to look it up, oh man OP, just don’t click because the whole thread is A220 bashing

haha, I remember that thread. Honestly, people’s opinions are irrelevant. All that matters is that the driver is happy with the car. We were looking at civics and elantras, and ended up wih A-class with a bunch more options at a fraction of higher price.

Everyone has their own opinion. Car was for my sis. She hated the heavy steering on the 330i. End of story.


I still think there is a firesale going on the 2019s, I see other local dealers dropping prices on cargurus. happy hunting.

Thanks for sharing. At which dealer did you get this deal?

It was a 2019. Why does it matter? Lease support stopped in June. Not sure how 2020s look like

wow what a deal! especially in CA.

hope your enjoying your car.