"Meet our new pure electric Volvo C40 Recharge"

…The first Volvo with an electric-only powertrain.

Hmm… Not impressed. XC40 hatch? Isn’t XC40 Recharge also all electric?


I like it. Has better lines than the polestar 2. Yah, it’s obviously an xc40 with a “coupe” body style, but I’ve seen worse implementations. I do wish that it was a bit more updated over the current xc40 though.

I assume what they mean with the electric-only powertrain comment is that you won’t be able to get it in an ICE variant.


It hopped on the SUV coupe hypetrain instead of hot hatch, which will be exactly why it may thrive

100% leather free!. Google Built in. Mkay, anything else they want to add to the list of “features that make me not consider your brand at all”?

I remember Prius already had that whole “no leather” bullshit initially, and then when the yuppie crowd is saturated to the gills, all of a sudden more options come out.

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Apparently, this is only going to be sold online and dealers will also not get inventory.

They also told everyone they want to eliminate dealers by 2030 … I can imagine that is going over very well this morning.


Chinese wanted to go all-electric by 2025, I think. So by 2030 they will only sell electrics and online, like Tesla.

LOL! Yep…been degoogling, and it is a bit ch but so worth it. No thanks, Vol.

So those two tips on the roof are where the afterburners come one when engaging sport++++ mode?

Volvo is the defacto leader in pioneering safety, but with electric car platforms being much safer naturally (at least that was the case with Tesla) what will Volvo use as their sales pitch.

I’d bet they have about a 0% chance of that happening.

Considering Kona/Niro and Bolt recalls, how about ‘The EV you can actually park in your garage’.

You mean getting rid of dealers? Yeah, the dealers will lobby to death.

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You can still buy the XC40 Recharge P8 at a dealer. My local dealer is selling a loaner at a markup. Maybe this is part of the reason why they are selling them online.

So how are they going to service the cars? I know everyone is quoting Tesla as proof that you can sell cars online, but noone is quoting Tesla’s clusterfuck performance in service.


Close sales floors (or use them as showrooms) and keep restructured service departments.

Good luck telling the owner who just sank 10M into a new building that lol.


I know, I know. Ain’t gonna happen any time soon lol
p.s. still 9 years away

Ironically there are a ton of P8s at the port but they all have software problems.

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They run on Android now, right?

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Sensus? lol