Mazda February Leases - $0 Down - First Payment + Registration DAS - Chicagoland Area



Hey Everyone!

Please take a look at the spreadsheet below for pricing!

$750 Mazda loyalty can be applied

$350 Broker fee applies.

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Nice spreadsheet and good deals!


Thanks! Working on one for every brand, wish me luck haha!


nice! lets see the numbers

What other brands?


Format looks familiar :stuck_out_tongue:


Popular ones like: Acura, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, VW, Mercedes, BMW, etc


Oh yah! LOL had to learn from the best!

I do have to say its a bunch of work, not sure how you stay on top of it so much!


These are actually some really good deals, definitely better than what I’ve seen folks on here sharing that they got from other dealers…

With that being said, LOVE the “LOL” reference to the CX-5 Signature trim… Why get the CX-5 Signature when the CX-9 Signature leases for less?


Haha thanks. its a crazy hard to keep it up to date as inventory sells. You’re deals look great. :wink:


The CX-5 GT Reserve leases worse I believe we just didn’t have any!


Are these numbers only good in the IL region?


The incentives/rebates are good for Midwest region - not sure where Mazda cuts off the Midwest region though!


No miata leases :frowning: Did mazda end leasing for miata?


Awesome spreadsheet


Nice spreadsheet and some good deals! Have to say I’m surprised that the RV has gone up on the 6 Signature, was only 51% when I got mine in Oct.

I’m excited to see your spreadsheets for other brands!

EDIT: I now realize your spreadsheet listed 10k miles and my lease is for 15k, hence the difference in RV…oops :sweat_smile: