Mazda CX-5 lease buyout from dealer

Hello everybody!

I’m from Florida and leasing my Mazda CX-5 from March 2019.

Thinking about to buyout my car and the main concern is that Mazda fees is about 2700$! Is that a normal price for fees?

To have a full idea, I attached a dealership offer. Is anything I can do about it to lower the fees?

Many thanks!!!

List of Lenders that Allow Lease Buyouts without Dealer

Tax is unavoidable, if that is considered part of the $2700 in fees. However, I would ensure that the “Market Value Selling Price” listed is the same as your lease termination value (details about that calculation should be within the fine print of your leasing contract). Check the list I linked above and call the lender to see if they will allow for you to buy the car directly from them, as you may be able to avoid additional dealer fees.

I believe it is TFS that handles Mazda leases, and the list does indicate that they do allow for people to buy out their vehicle without a dealer.

Florida can cause headaches there; the list of brands that allow purchasing directly gets a lot shorter.

Best place to start here is to look at your contract for what it says regarding buy outs. Many don’t really leave room for a $900 doc fee. If you can buy out directly, do that. If the bank makes you go through a dealer, I’d call them up and ask them where they’d like me to go to purchase the vehicle for the contractually defined price.

This lease from March 2019 should be through Chase (Mazda). You may be able to buy right from Chase online.

My Florida Mazda lease from July 2019 is via Chase. I get a payoff quote online with no mention of a dealer being needed.

The switch to TFS switched sometime last year


Are you keeping it? If not just sell it directly to a dealer or carvana or carmax. These are in high demand at the moment. I’ve seen offers as high as $33k

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I think you can sell your Chase Mazda lease directly to a third party. One of the few that seems to allow that still.

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California here - I sold my 2018 Mazda CX-5 Touring lease to a third party dealer no problem for $27,000. Carmax offered $26,800. Obviously a different state and possibly different rules, but I’m sitting with $10,600 in my pocket because of it.

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You need to go to a dealer to buy out any lease in Florida

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That’s not quite the case. Florida requires you to do the buyout through someone licensed in FL and with a physical location there, which most banks don’t qualify as, so they send you to a dealer. Some banks do though. I can buy out my Honda in FL without going through a dealer, for example, but I couldn’t buy out my Hyundai or audi .


I am going to check but believe that I can buyout my Florida Mazda lease via Chase and not involving a dealer.

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Im in the same boat (cx5 leased) and Chase told me I can buy it directly through them.

A little extra legwork, but you avoid all the bs dealer fees.

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Thanks to everyone!

I called to the Chase and they actually did provide a better deal!
Final price to buyout right now was $20.500 which is $2000 less than dealer’s offer!

So, planning to buyout it with cash closer to the end of the lease, in April 2022.

At the same time, Carmax offered for that car 26.800!


As an update, Chase now seems to have removed the online payoff quote for my Mazda. All you can see are online statements and the monthly payoff option.

When I call CS, you can get an automated payoff quote which seems to be correct assuming it includes the sales tax adder. Then an option to pursue payoff.

I will have to get through to a live operator to find out more, but curious if anyone with Chase Mazda in FL has purchased directly from Chase in the last month or two.

The dealer has been harrassing me on the upcoming lease end which obviously I will avoid them like the plague, but not sure why Chase Auto seems to have removed transparent information from the Account Portal.

It was the same to us. We didn’t have any information online in chase account. Everything was resolved only with live operator by phone.
Call and em them!

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Fabulous. Did you get the residual price + FL sales tax for your Chase Mazda buyout?

Yep. They will send you a PDF with all prices

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I just called Chase Bank and for Florida can you can STILL buy directly with Chase Bank or to a 3rd party before lease ends.

I can simpy bring a check in person to a local Chase branch.

The final buyout exactly matched the RV + 6% sales tax + $50 adder (For Florida first $5,000 is taxed at the additional country rate, so 1% or $50 for Palm Beach County).

Mazda 3 Select:
$23,520 MSRP, 51% RV
$11995 + ($719.7+$50) sales tax = $12764.70 final buyout

Beware the Mazda dealer calling you trying to get you into their dealership quoting Nissan-like $2-3K dealer adders…

Buy it via Chase or sell it directly to a 3rd party and cash in your full equity.

I may flip this one if I can get anything remotely decent to replace the car. The car is for college age kids…

I just went through the process of buying my Mazda 3 in Florida. You have the numbers correct but you must mail the check to Chase Auto in Texas. They had my cashiers check for almost 2 weeks before they could tell me that it was received, ridiculous. I’m now waiting for the title and it’s close to a month, not a big deal since I’m keeping the car.

They told me on the phone that I can simply walk into a Chase bank branch and hand them a check. And they record the transaction the same day.

Interesting, let us know if this works.