Mazda CX-5 GT Deal Chexk

My calculator is attached. I have no loyalty or “other rebates”. Is this a good deal? $325/month with $500 due. 36/12k lease.
No other dealer will come close.

Your calculator shows a selling price of $28,830. Have you reflected your $720 lease cash in this figure?

Lease cash is listed in the incentives.

At a pre-incentive selling price of $28,830 you are at an 11.7% discount. Very good discount and better than the other CX-5s I have seen on here. Plus you have your $720 lease cash. Well done.

How many Mazda dealers did you engage? What was the lowest pre-incentive price next to this one?

Did you lock in a deal?

Yes, deal is done. $325/month with $500 total due. $720 incentive and Mazda made first payment of $325. So my $500 was all cap reduction. 36/12K lease through Mazda Financial (aka Toyota Lease Trust).

Very nice. Can you share your MSRP and Selling Price. The selling price I am interested in is listed on your lease agreement in the “Itemization of Gross Capitalized Cost” section of your lease agreement. It is usually called “Agreed Upon Value of Vehicle”.

Enjoy the CX-5.

Selling price before taxes and fees is $29,110.

So if I have all the figures right here are the key data points for this CX-5 GT deal:

$32,655 MSRP
$29,110 Pre-Incentive Selling Price
10.9% Pre-Incentive Discount

$ 720 Lease Cash
$ 350 1st Month Waived up to $500

0.00012 MF


@rjoh1987 negotiated a great 10.9% Pre-Incentive Discount.

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Very nice deal on a Mazda. I rarely see a discount above 5%. What part of the country did you get this deal? I am looking for the same vehicle for my sister.

This was in Cleveland, OH. Only one dealer in the area that would discount these.

Which dealer ?