Mazda CX-5 Feeler

Fairly new to the forum. Got a random email from a Mazda dealer I had contacted a few months ago. Decided to reply with a proposal to see where it went. I received a positive response, however, want to make sure I’m spot on. Here is the proposal I sent. Any thoughts on pushing for something more?

To the magnifying glass:

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I thought DE doesn’t have sales tax?

Also, you blocked out your name on the top but not bottom of the email just FYI

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Thanks. Was more so trying to cover dealer info. Delaware doesn’t have sales tax but they have a “document fee” which is basically our sales tax of 4.25% on vehicles.

Interesting. Still quite low.

I doubt you will get a response considering that you said “I am not willing to negogiate.” Will most likely go right into the trash bin IMHO


Received this a couple hours ago. Wanted to evaluate my offer before finalizing anything.

You sent them a very thorough email with what you wanted and told him that it is not negotiable. You can’t negotiate with him now :rofl: Just make sure that the paperwork aligns with your proposal.

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Nice email – I like it

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Looks like a great deal to me, if they agree to it. You generally don’t see much of a discount on CX-5s.

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Is Mazda picking up the first payment or are you rolling it into your lease?

Good discount. I helped a friend with CX5 purchase and on a similarly priced model the dealer wouldn’t go higher than $1200 off.

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I used the calculator to draft this. I’m guessing that rolls it in?