Mazda CX-5 AWD Carbon Edition

Just signed on a CX-5 AWD Carbon Edition (non-turbo) for my wife. Minnesota.
MSRP: $31,355
Selling Price: $29,400
Term: 36/10
Down Payment: $0 DAS
Incentives: Nothing available for February. Other dealer offered $500 President’s Day cash, but I believe this was an error as Mazda lists this for CX-30 and CX-9 only.
MF: 0.00042
RV: 60%
Monthly Payment: $374

Not a fantastic lease deal on this vehicle given the lack of rebates/incentives, but it’s what the wife wanted! Leveraged 5-6 dealers just to get to this sale price. Many wouldn’t budge past invoice ($30,484) and balked on the deal altogether.

Just thought I’d share as there isn’t much for CX-5 Carbon on here. Good luck!


@DadPadOG is this a 2020 or 2021?

Sorry, it was a 2021.

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Thanks for sharing and congrats on new ride!