Maybe I’m asking for too much for $250 monthly?

Hello all

Current lease on 2015 CRV LX AWD is ending late August, trying to shop around for options. Doing $250 a month.
Wife wants to bump up some comfort levels etc for the new lease - heated seats, moonroof, heated mirrors, roof rack, tinted rear windows. I don’t think we’re asking for much here, but maybe you all have some experiences. Can we get all the extra comfort in an SUV/small crossover for roughly the same monthly of 250? Limit is 270.
Honda dealers wouldn’t budge past 280 for FWD HRV, so I’m opening my options to Equinox, Trax, Encore, CHR etc.
Thoughts? Am I asking for too many upgrades for too little price? Should I start looking at sedans instead?

Thank you

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There really needs to be a template for these…

Where do you live? What is the tax rate, and is it on your lease payments or the vehicle’s selling price?
How long of a lease are you looking for?
How many miles do you need to drive (annually)?
What other car(s) do you & others have in your household (for conquest/loyalty purposes)?
Are you prepared to use MSD and how much? Research MSDs if you already haven’t.

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HRV will be a real step down from your CRV. Smaller and louder. You can do better.

In general Honda’s don’t seem to lease very well. It seems like the best SUV deals recently have been on the GM products. You are well positioned to take advantage of offers because you don’t need the car immediately. I’d recommend you go test drive the GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox and Buick Encore.

Figure out what trim levels you need to get the features you want. I think no matter where you are you can get the base models of all three of those cars for under your target price. Whether you can get the features you want will depend on how much more the higher trims push the prices and what sort of incentives GM is pushing out.

And do let us know the answers to the questions that @max_g asked. Might open up some more options for you to consider.

Sorry about that…

Chicago suburbs, 8.25% tax rate, added to my current payments. We initaly did put 1500 down on our CRV, but I’d like to avoid that.
Looking for 12k/36 which seemed to work nicely.
No other cars in the household.
I will research MSD.

Thank you for your help

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Hey thanks very much.

Yea I’ve given up on Honda. I do believe what I’ve read on here about how they don’t lease well.
I am excited to look at the GM products. I did try out a Equinox LT 2.0 FWD this morning, with all the features on my wish list. It seems like I can get more car for my dollar.
I wasn’t really looking for prices, but the dealer quoted me something like 345 a month for the one I tried.

You’re going to have a hard time getting a GM with your bucket list of add-ons at the price you’re looking at. The deals you’ve seen around here are all mostly base models. You have to add on packages to get what you want, which will add a few thousand onto your price. Consequently, that means your price is going to go up too. 345 seems a bit high for a 2.0 LT FWD, but you’re going to have trouble getting that down to 270 all in IMO.

Yes easily on the RAV4 XLE which checks most of the boxes

Sunroof, Dual Zone A/C, CD Player, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive, Back-Up Camera, Bluetooth, iPod/MP3 Input. XLE trim. Warranty 5 yrs/60k Miles - Drivetrain Warranty; READ MORE!

Sunroof, All Wheel Drive, Back-Up Camera, iPod/MP3 Input, Bluetooth, CD Player, Aluminum Wheels, Dual Zone A/C. Rear Spoiler, MP3 Player, Remote Trunk Release, Privacy Glass, Keyless Entry.

You can definitely get an Equinox with everything you want except roof racks and sunroof at your pricepoint for sure. It will be harder to get one with sunroof because it isn’t the most common option. You’ll want a 1.5T LT with confidence and convenience and sunroof package.

Hyundai Kona or Tucson?

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Well you are in Chicago and I’m in So. California so completely different markets but…

Dealer here (@chevysalesgirl) has an April offer of Equinox LT with sunroof for $280 a month with $0 drive-off/down. However that is a 24 month lease with only 10K miles. If you go with more miles and longer it will be more expensive. So I would concur with @mp11477 that you won’t be able to get that vehicle down to $270 all in.

@vhooloo is on the money with the Toyota RAV4 XLE so you should go look at one of those. With the right dealer it appears that will be under your budget limit.

Tiguan is another option… They are discounting them quite a bit. It’s about the largest compact SUV around (even comes with a third row). Might not be able to be under $270 on the SE.

Also, the Tiguan Limited is an option, It’s about a foot shorter than the Tiguan, I think - no 3rd row. Not sure what the price would be on this, but it’s cheaper than the Tiguan, so you can probably get it under $250.

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These are all great insights, thank you all.
I’ve got more research to do, and with a bit more time to run some numbers and hope for some Super Summer Sales Event or whatever.
Dunno… maybe I will end up having to put something down. We’ll see.

Definitely look into RAV4 and Tiguan.

Oh and I’ll take a gander at Hyundai. Thanks
I dig the Kona even tho it’s a smaller SUV like the HRV.

Please don’t get us started on putting money down to make the “monthly” lower … :grinning:


Both the Rav4 and Subaru Forester have brand new models coming out in a few months, so I imagine there will be deals to be had on 2017s. I’ll be shopping at the same time you are (Aug/Sept).

In general deals on sedans will be better

Here is what comes to mind:

  1. Jeep Compass Latitude AWD with Sunroof
  2. Rav4 XLE (as others have mentioned)

A couple more expensive options:

Jeep Cherokee Limited AWD
Nissan Rogue SV with Sunroof AWD
Chevrolet Equinox LT AWD

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You can get a 2018 Rav 4 XLE(with safety packages - MSRP ~$30k) for $250

All you need to is shop around during the last week of the month and make sure you get quotes from dealers Also, last day of the month is perfect!!

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For $260 (ex tax and $120 down) I’m in a S60 T5 Inscription Platinum, so I think that it’s just about finding the right dealer to play ball. PM me if you’re looking for an extra set of eyes to help you put something together!

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That’d be fantastic. I will do that! Thank you…
Yea, I’m eyeballing Memorial Day weekend or the Monday or Tuesday after to definitely pull the trigger. I’m reading that there should be some type of incentives and sales amongst the several vehicles I’m looking at. Combine that with the end of month crunch, I should be able to get something good.