Maybe I’m asking for too much for $250 monthly?

Decided on Equinox… How does this deal fair so far? First set of quotes are rolling in, so I still have yet to pin dealer against dealer.
I think he’s rolling the doc/license fees and tax on incentives into the monthly.

Seems pretty standard. I’m seeing $297 on the Honcker app (although to be honest their pricing generally kind of sucks). Not the most competitive month to be leasing a Chevy, to be honest.

It doesn’t look bad. The only thing you can really do is push for more of a dealer discount.

Do you think it’s advisable to email this quote as is to the other dealers, asking to beat it?
I’ve got about 13 other dealers I’ve been working with.

Im in the same area as you, have you looked into the Rav 4 or Jeep Cherokee Limited, like nyclife recommended? Although they are a bit smaller than the equinox.

I did look at Jeep and Toyota… not feeling the RAV4.
I did like the Jeep Compass as a number 2.
I dunno… I feel like I’m getting more car and more of what I want for the dollar with the equinox.

Just had another dealer go to 279 a month, nothing else down.

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You’re getting hung up over ten dollars per month?

Yea… maybe I am getting too excited.
Went to 275. Makes me wonder how much more it can go.

269 lol

I don’t have everything in front of me right now, but maybe the Terrain is worth comparing? I know that the lease cash alone was significantly higher than the Equinox this month.