May 1 - Finally the end of the BMW flea market

It will be nice to return to Leasehackr tomorrow and not see the BMW yard sale any more. There, I said it.


Lmao ! True that !

Don’t get me wrong, I like the brand…just tired of seeing them whored out on here and will be nice to see some other deals.

Now now, we still need to clear out the “but last month it was 20% off” for about 90 days, + people calling 20% off a “Standard discount”


“You should be able to get more than 16% off new at this point”

I’m also waiting for…“well they can’t lease the 2,000 mile loaner at this point…aim for 40% off”


Oh Im not. Im on your side on this one lol


I get the best from Florida folks :slight_smile: "how come you cant match Samson’s and BMWDave’s Cali deals :smile:

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I feel like a second class citizen after my BMW posts today :joy:

Welcome to the forums, me! I hope I can get this lease worked out today, but if not I look forward to learning a lot here. Unfortunately it seems like IL isn’t a good market for lease deals. Maybe that is just BMW, I’m not sure.

If you have your eye on one and submit a credit app by the end of the day, your rate will be locked for 60 days, including rebates. Make it good though…whatever dealership you lock in at is the one you need to deal with…the lock isn’t for every BMW dealership. So, theoretically, you’ll still be able to lease an 18 after tonight, as long as an app is in.


Oh! That is a pretty important piece of information.

So if I do the bmw credit app (I already have financing approved through USAA so I’ve taken the hard hit anyway) I can lock the incentives in, and then if I decide to change my mind for some reason I’m safe?

That would be really great. The incentives are high plus I have USAA and recent grad. I thought I might just miss out as I’m also in the middle of selling my truck as well, but figured it didn’t hurt to try!

Well, financing lined up through USAA wouldn’t affect a lease.

But yes…lets say you have a car you’re eyeing at BMW of Sheboygan. If you submit an app today, the current MF and rebates will be locked in for 60 days…at BMW of Sheboygan only. If you find a car at BMW of Poughkeepsie tomorrow you like more, you would not be able to lease that car, unless you convince both dealerships to swap.

If you submit an app, and can’t come to terms at BMW of Sheboygan, no harm, no foul outside of an extra hard hit on your credit.

Got it! Thank you so much. I’m looking around to see what other deals might be out there.

Confirm with dealer first though. Some dealers dont agree to that

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Really? How could they not agree if it’s a directive of the mothership?

Funny how this turned into another Bmw thread


might lose the OL code though if you do this

Because they want to get rid of car now ! If they dont, you are the only person they can sell it to technically after today.
I just signed on something Friday and had to fly out same day just so I can get the deal. They didnt accept the 60 day lock up option. Also, different dealerships have different policies specially when they are family owned.

OL code is till end of May I think bro

yes so you might be good another 30 days but can’t take it to 60

Sorry to hijack! I’m sure it will quiet down quite a bit on these soon. If I don’t get something today, I’ll gladly check out all the other deals non-BMW related!

Getting some offers now. They don’t provide exact numbers up front I see. I’ll move my conversation to it’s own thread. Thanks again everyone.