Max deductible for car insurance for BMW lease


For a BMW lease I’m reading that the maximum deductible for car insurance is $1000. Has anyone been able to use a deductible > $1000 on a BMW lease?

With my old Mercedes lease I had a $2500 deductible and it was not a problem. I’d rather pay a lower insurance premium monthly with the higher deductible.

Having a larger deductible would be in violation of BMW’s lease agreement. You signed that you would have a deductible of $1000 or less. You need to fulfill your end of the agreement


Yup the bank gets copies of your paperwork. I once tried this and a few weeks later I got a note from BMW saying to change it back.

These days doesn’t even let you raise the deductible past a point if they see the car is leased.

Interesting, surprised that BMW is forcing insurance deductible requirements on customers in the lease contract.

Would have assumed that customers would have the freedom to choose themselves based on their risk tolerance levels.

Odd that Mercedes doesn’t do this.

They force you to get a certain level of insurance so the logic is the same when it comes to the deductible. What’s so surprising about it? Are you sure you were allowed to have $2500 deductible on your MB?

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You are driving around in their car. They want assurance it is returned to them in good condition. You are just renting it from them.

How big a difference does it make in your premiums? For me the difference between $250 and $1000 is maybe a Starbucks or two every six month.


I just double checked my last Mercedes lease paperwork- they do indeed allow up to $2500 deductible. Most others, whether leased or financed, seem to be $1000.

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Think my diff was about $30/month. Insurance went a total of $70/month on the new car. More than I expected.

Interesting. Have you run your CLUE report? Or do you have a sense why that might be so high?

They are more flexible then. Good news :slight_smile:

Haven’t done a CLUE report. Don’t know what that is.

Insurance is $70 more a month on the new car. They said it’s because it’s mostly because of two factors.

  1. Lower deductible ($1k instead of $2.5k)
  2. More expensive car ($65k instead of$50k msrp)

I think they said it would have reduced by $30 on a higher deductible.

CLUE is your credit score for insurance claims:


Interesting, never heard of this. Will check it out. Thanks!

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Same reason they force you to have coverage in the first place. If you have too high of a deductible, it raises the chances you could be tempted to shirk you responsibility to have the car repaired. It’s all about risk mitigation for themselves as the captive as others have said. It’s in the contract and if you’ve signed it, you’ve agreed to it, if they didn’t ever enforce it, it would ultimately be pointless requiring it.

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While $30/mo sounds a bit high to me to go from $2500-deductible to $1000-deductible… Think of it this way: if you had just one $2500+ incident in 50 months, you would be net positive financially. And that’s not even considering that the delta may reduce over time as your rates go down due to a longer incident free record.

If $30 a month is too much, maybe a Corolla lease would have been a better option


I get wanting to save $360 a year/$1080 over the lease on car insurance, especially if you are a very safe driver, but yeah on a car that expensive it’s peanuts. Just put the insurance on autopay and enjoy the car.

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$1,000 on paperwork latest signed.

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off topic: just read my Volvo lease agreement. Volvo says $500 collision & comp deductible is required.

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It’s not your car. They don’t care what your risk tolerance level is, only theirs.