Massachusetts 2023 Rivian R1T Performance Dual Large Effective $349/month including taxes

Here is a deal I got on a 2023 R1T Dual Performance Large. The final contract just came through today and I’m picking it up Monday morning at 10 AM

Actual MSRP - $74,750+$1800 destination fee = $76,550

Selling price inclusive of discount = $66,850
Discounts = $9700 ($6000 referral and $3700 MY lease credit)
Rebate = $7500 EV credit
Deposit = $1000(applied as CCR)
DAS=$2553 (In addition to the $1000 for a total DAS of $3553)
Post sale state EV credit= $7500
Residual Value=$42,868(56%)

Per the state EV tax credit as written. R1S and R1T are classified as Class 2b vehicles and as long as they’re under $80k including destination fee they should qualify for $7500 MA state EV tax credit. It takes roughly 3 months to get the state to send you a check for it.

Thanks again to @Kellstar for all the info and guidance.
And thanks to @Bumboola for the employee referral.
Deal not replicable


Lucky you on getting the performance. Tried a lot to get them to upgrade it but they kept saying Large packs can’t be updated!

Awesome color as well


Congrats on your deal. As a fellow MA resident, it is always good seeing such an amazing deal.

I have a reservation for a 2026 R2 (whenever they are released). However, I might try and snag an R1S or R1T next year if I can get a “decent” lease deal. I just need to find a friend of a friend that works at Rivian. :grin:


That state ev credit is clutch! Nice buy.

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Awesome work!

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Woww well done

Congrats to a fellow MA resident. I just picked up mine Thursday at Chelsea service center. So far so good was a little crazy over there make sure you take a good look and drive it around block if you picking up there.


Has anyone outside of MA tried getting the MA ev discount and had it shipped or does the owner have to provide proof of MA residency?

I am pretty sure you can’t claim a MA EV credit if you are not a MA resident.

EDIT: Proof of Massachusetts residency will be required to complete a MOR-EV application.

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MA residency requirement - no way around it

I took public transport for the first in forever to go get it. It went fine. Uber wanted $70 but the train was infinitely cheaper.

Were you able to get that one under $80k for the state EV credit?

No unfortunately it was $86,250 plus destination. They did get me an Uber ride there on them. Green color forest interior max battery and 22 darks.

Thoughts on being able to lease in MA (not the EV credit) and take delivery without residency? I live in a non-lease state and MA is one state that allows registration by non-residents. I’m not trying to dodge taxes just simply trying to originate a lease. Once taking delivery I’d transfer the lease to my non-lease state. If someone could find a loophole here that could mean more sales for Rivian…just saying.

Good luck finding that loophole.

What state do you live in. As a MA resident, it is the first time I am hearing that the RMV will allow you to register a car as a non-resident.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: @dlucas589 - Care to answer?

Im in WI. We have antiquated dealer protection laws meaning we wont be getting Rivian leasing anytime soon.

Rivian is not really a MA dealer in that sense.
This is something that maybe Herb Chambers the biggest dealer network in the state could in theory do but probably not Rivian.
I reckon @Bostoncarconcierge would know more on that than me