Maserati Levante Demo 5000miles

hi everyone. i’m focus o a maserati levante 2021 base used as demo/loaner with 5000miles.
condition is immaculate.
what do you think about the offer?

residual 49.4% and mf 0.00074

msrp 84,485$
total price included taxes and fee, 70,933$
down payment 3000$
36 mo 10k 853$/mo

Needs more pixels…

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it’s exactly what my wife uses to say.
i ve just reuploded.

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You ask how much is the required maintenance, I thought it was pretty high on these.

Well not to be rude, it’s a Levante.



See here

Not to be rude or invalidate your choice OP, but obligatory please don’t lease an FCA…err I mean Maserati product. Watch any youtube video for this car to know why.


Well if you are into charity…

Under the fair assumption that it’s massively overpriced FCA garbage to begin with, that’s not enough of a discount on a loaner. It’s not worth it, even before the ‘Ferrari parts’ service charges and insurance cost. An X5 40i is better in every single aspect besides exhaust note.

I was fortunate enough to have the keys to a Ghibli S Q4 not long ago. I understand wanting a Maserati. But believe me–you don’t want one for 3 years.


but it does 185


I have never seen so many different fees. I did not know about half those. Also, get clarity on the sales/doc fee and then the doc fee right below. Seems like they’re just charging you up the ass to make up for the up front discounts.

What are the chances of driving it home from the dealership without breaking down?

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To be fair, the Levante doesn’t look half bad riding up top on the tow truck


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All current Maserati vehicles are massively overpriced for what they are. Certainly not worth $850/mo IMO.

Just go lease a X5, unless you want to be that guy who loves telling people they drive a MASERATI

unfortunately i don’t like bmw. too sciapo (no personality) like also audi and mostly of the car available on the market.

I’ll never understand this personality nonsense that people use to justify their Italian car purchases. There’s absolutely nothing special about a base Levante.


because i can buy an A8 and confusing in with an A6 or A4. Same thing for BMW.

personality is not to justify the italian car, it’s the matter of the facts.

Just because something has personality, doesn’t mean it’s a good personality