Maserati Ghibli S, $598/mo, $0 Down, 36/10k, $88k MSRP

With tax, 3 months pull ahead, and prepaid maintenance I ended up paying $750/mo.

I know this forum is populated by plenty of Maserati haters. So, I am just asking for abuse.

In May of 2017, I leased a 2017 Ghibli SQ4 85k MSRP, 36/7500 for $661/mo. With tax and over priced prepaid maintenance I paid $754. I LOVED the car. Sexy looks, sexy sound. Absolutely no mechanical problems. I did go through a set of tires and needed to replace pads and 2 rotors, but other than that nothing but scheduled maintenance.

I had three payments of $754 left on my 2017 and wanted to upgrade to a 2019 Ghibli before they stop lease support for the 2019’s. The 2020’s are getting a $5,000 MSRP reduction, and I have a feeling that that is going to adversely impact the lease rates. So, I acted a few months early. Maserati has a pull ahead program and will pay up to 6 months of your payments if you lease a new Maserati. However, they also have a $2,000 loyalty bonus which cannot be combined with the pull ahead. So, my pull ahead was only a few hundred dollars better than the loyalty bonus. They basically cancelled each other out.

The MSRP of the Ghibli 2019 was $88,265.
Purchase price was $61,890.00 (30% off)
After obscenely expensive maintenance, and pull ahead (minus loyalty) gross capitalization was $64,285

Residual value $40,601.90 (46% !?!) I think 39/mo. would have been a better deal.
Depreciation $23,625
Rent Charge $1,622 (.00057 I believe)
Monthly Payments $25,247.88/36 = 701.33 with tax $750.53
Drive offs were $2,510 with only $58.02 going to capitalization reduction.

My payments stayed basically the same. My mileage allowance went up. My new Ghibli S has more hp (424 vs. 404) and is loaded with features that my 2017 was missing – driver assistance package, 360 degree surround view camera, blind spot monitor, forward collision, lane departure, etc.

I still contend that the Ghibli, though not a perfect car, still represents a luxury (almost exotic) lease bargain.



We want to see pics


Beautiful looking car. A 550i with 2 more cylinders, more power and torque, a nicer interior, and a comparable exhaust note, is still cheaper.


Nice lease! They are reasonably nice looking, but their interiors leave something to be desired for the price point. I just don’t know how you can be a male under 40 and lease one with a straight face. Four doors and they aren’t terribly quick off the line

Congrats but your deal is $750 a month, $58 down and $2500 DAS. Your title is misleading unless I’m not reading the post accurately.


But it doesn’t make people who don’t know cars think you are richer than you are.

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Congrats! This is going to looks so sweet in the school drop off line.


Most people here won’t agree with you about it being a luxury bargain, but different strokes for different folks. Enjoy the car, that’s all that matters.


So is it $598/mo or $750/mo ? Lol

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I do not think the title is misleading. When reporting a deal should I include unrelated items like paying off 3 months of a prior lease, separate prepaid maintenance, and tax? I don’t think so. It would have been $598/mo with no monthly payments from my prior lease, without maintenance, and without tax.

I have 20" black Urano wheels i am going to swap on, plus I still need to get the windows tinted.

There, now that’s better…


You report what you actually pay. Your 3 payments is your negative, you pay your tax as part of your payments and your packages is what you purchased.


Completely agree. Because that’s what the deal would look like for anyone else looking for a deal that’s not putting negative equity into it. :clap:t2: wasn’t misleading at all


Beautiful car and a sweet deal. Congrats. Enjoy!
I’ll be that guy next to you at the stoplight, giving you dirty looks while being jealous inside.

I don’t get it. You used pull ahead. So how is anything rolled in? Sounds like you are trying to say you could have benefited from loyalty had that not gone to the remaining payments. But then say you want to express the deal anyone else could get without the negative payments. However, that “anyone” would have to be someone going from a Maser to a Maser, with no remaining payments or excess mileage or excess wear and tear … so a limited population anyway. And let’s not forget those pesky drive-offs. So an effective $820.25 with 7500 miles, or $1.3125 per mile. That’s a pricey ride. Enjoy it.


Good looking ride, didn’t know maseratis were hackable like this - adding it to my next lease list

Checking edmunds, there’s about 8k dealer cash for these things. Does the 30% include the incentive? Also, did you have to haggle a lot for that price?

And how much was the maintenance package? Hope it includes brakes as they have reps for not lasting too long

Was this a demo? Or just straight brand new 2019?

assuming his “pull ahead” means the dealer rolled in remaining payments.

what I am confused on is how a $5000 MSRP reduction would make the lease worse. possibly lower residual amount combined with a lower discount. Overall the deal isn’t terrible though, it used to be easier to get a $600 ghibli but not now

Nope. Per OP, Maser was offering up to 6 mos pull ahead.

Lower residual.

That dashboard looks like it’s from a 2008 town and country.