Maserati Ghibli Lease Incentives

Looking to lease a Maserati Ghibli. 36 months, 10k miles per year. Live in Southern California. Can anyone provide available incentives/ money factor/ residual? Look at a msrp of about $78k.
Thanks in advance.

2017 Maserati Ghibli
36/10K: 47% residual, .00050 MF
39/10K: 46% residual, .00062 MF

Add 1% to the residuals for 7,500 mi/year. Add 2% for 5,000 mi/year.

Maserati of Anaheim Hills has an ad for $499/month with $0 down + drive-offs and taxes on 2017 Ghibli (39-month lease, 5K miles/year). From reverse calculating the numbers, it’s a selling price of $54,500 on a $76,000 MSRP car. Crazy.

To add on top of that- there is an option to buy the car at $37,000 towards lease end. Whether it’s Anaheim hills or Newport Beach- the deals are the same IF you plan on buying the car at lease end. Both places construct the monthly and the down payment around the $57k MSRP. It’s pretty interesting- I’ve never seen a car being sold or leased at such a heavy discount. In my opinion kinda makes you think what the car is worth if they are still making money at that point…

We will know very quickly if it is worth it. @chrisgo leased 2 and @Phantomcypher leased one to go with his Ferrari. I am sure they will keep us posted.

On the other hand the charger scat pack is also around 499 or less on those dealers with one or two left over, so fiat Chrysler has an interesting stable of sports cars

Thanks Michael for the great info as always. I will let you guys know when I pull the trigger and what deal I find.

i posted my paperwork somewhere around here. It was a very, very specific deal $0 down, 36/10k. Drive off was around $2,500. I added the 24-mo maintenance $995 (did NOT add the wear & tear for wheels, windshield, etc @ $2k) which bumped monthly to $565 something (including tax).

I realized most of the deals are on basic packages with no options or maybe 1 or 2 options.
Most deals are based on 5k miles.
Once you look into some options such as premium package, some nice wheels, it all adds up $80k+
Depending on the down you put which is not recommended payments for a nicely equipped Ghibli is in the high $600s-700+ depending on miles per year and tier you qualify for.

They only pull Transunion and it must be 740+ score. Not 720 according to the finance manager.

IMO cars worth $30-40k. Maybe less lol

I mean- from a financial standpoint- the Ghibli is worth it only if you drive a lot and decide to purchase the vehicle at the end. Lease for 5,000 miles knowing you’re going to over your miles- but you just buy the vehicle out anyway avoiding the overages. 75kMsrp selling for 57k - you’re leasing/borrowing money without any true interest or finance charges.

Good point interesting though I think they should keep their reputation high and not give away this cars for dirt cheap. Family friend got a Porsche Panemera edition 85k msrp , 3k down which included the drive off fees $980 a month tax inc, after looking at the paperwork the money factor is crazy high.

Porsche doesn’t do MSDs. They residuals may be low HOWEVER their true resale value is VERY high. Next on the list is AUDI and Audi does do MSDs and super low residuals.

keep us posted. I’ve also been waiting for a deal on a base one.

My lease-end buyout on my '17 Ghibli is $35,000. I’m going to buy this out for sure!

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Leasing a new Ghibli = dating an exciting low-maintenance 20 year old who has his/her own place and pays his/her half of all date expenses.
Buying a 3 year old Ghibli = marrying an aging high-maintenance cranky 45 year old and having to pay all his/her bills.

Hope you choose wisely :slight_smile:


What’s the extended warranty like? Aston Martin’s have a program where if the car is used, Up to 10 years old, you can purchase a warranty for about $3k that is Bump to Bumper for unlimited years/Miles! Does Maserati do anything similar?

Dude- our thread last month hit the front page of the forum for the November wrap up!

Don’t know about the Maserati warranty but I think @vhooloo is right with his metaphor

Are you saying I can purchase this $3k warranty for this? … do you have any experience with these cars in terms of how much they are to maintain (for example, compared to a 911)

Maybe you can get a 2nd lease … not sure what they are called – (so like a 25 or 30 year old ?? … not sure if there are “car” years like dog years haha) that you can still return after 3 years

Had a first lease on a 2000 Boxster $750/mo, “panicked” after 36 months because wasn’t really ready – they leased it to me the 2nd time for $600/mo (I think) so I kept the car another 3 years. I probably got a really bad deal on the 2nd lease but at that time, it looked like I was saving $150/mo on car payments :frowning:

[quote=“Driver94, post:15, topic:6064, full:true”]
What’s the extended warranty like? Aston Martin’s have a program where if the car is used, Up to 10 years old, you can purchase a warranty for about $3k that is Bump to Bumper for unlimited years/Miles! [/quote]

That sounds too good to be true.

Lol I think he got that from the Doug Demuro guy. That isn’t an Aston Martin warranty, it’s a CarMax warranty. Any car they sell is eligible. He purchased it from a CarMax and bought the warranty with it.