Maserati Ghibli - $25,000 off MSRP

I got this in the mail today from Austin Maserati.
Good place to start negotiations.

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“Not responsible for typographic errors.”

Heh, we’re sorry sir, but we meant to say 2,500 dollars, not 25,000. Sorry for the typographic error. Will that be check and credit?

Either way, I wouldn’t take a Ghibli even if there was 25k on the hood and it’s only for '17 and '18 model years for qualified buyers. Wonder what the credit score cutoff is on that.

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I wouldn’t bring home a Ghibli if there were literally $25k on the hood. And in the trunk.

You’d spend it all on Uber rides home from the service department, anyway.

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In the past, these huge discounts applied to Purchase Only and not Lease for Maserati

The 2014s with 40K miles are going used for $26K. Get an extended warranty and drive that instead. LOL

If this applied towards leases, you could get a real smokin deal. Assuming numbers were similar to last month.

I’d love to see a “Hackr” lease deal on one of these for curiosity sake. Like some others, I probably would never own or lease one as there are too many other great cars for the money.

People were hacking Ghibli’s last year in the $600’s p/m, they tend to lease well when switching over model years.

You guys saw the $92,695 Granlusso I got a few weeks ago for $698+tax

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Interesting… any first hand experience to share? I’m not a fan of the Ghibli but all of the negative comments I’ve come across are in regards to it’s styling, pricing and liberal use of Chrysler switch gear. I haven’t heard much in the way of the car being unreliable.

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I wouldn’t accept Batmitestar’s opinion on Maserati at face value. He appears in every Maserati thread and enthusiastically and trollishly offends the brand. The only rational explanation for this type of behavior is if someone driving a Ghibli backed over his pet dog.

Lovin’ my '17 SQ4…


I wouldn’t take tommylotto’s opinion on batmitestar too seriously.

He makes up stories about dogs.

Loving my ‘18 Mercedes

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It’s all just opinions buddy.

Mine is that Maseratis and Alfa Romeos are absolutely horrid when it comes to being “unreliable” and “poorly engineered.”

However, when they do work; you’ll seldom encounter a vehicle that may handle better or sound better than a Maserati or Alfa Romeo. They are beautiful works of art that deserve admiration. I just wouldn’t buy one.

There is nothing wrong with Ghiblis , they are just outdated on tech and still enjoying their past reputation. I dont think they are “that” unreliable. I would lease one if they were under $500/mo all in.

There are many $100k cars I would lease for $500. None of them are Italian.

I picked a $77k 2018 Ghibli Base at a dealer in SoCal for example. The 25k off alone (no additional incentive or discounts) would get you $511/mo with tax, 0 down. This is assuming the most recent numbers from November.

There is a reason why they went for $600 ish last year and now off 25K. Their MSRPs are simply BS and consumers are not stupid. I think, FCA should downgrade Maserati a segment and reduce prices permanently rather than trying to make them look like they are running promotions. They will be better off commercially.

Edit: seems like they went for $500 ish last year,

What 100k cars are you getting for 500 a month?


I’ve found both my Maserati and my Alfa to be very reliable to date however I do agree that they are poorly engineered from an ergonomic point of view. I also find their technology to be quite outdated vs. the competition. No argument from me in regards to residual value either as buying these brands is not for the faint of heart.

In truth what FCA should do is sell the marque as even under Sergio’s watch FCA didn’t appear to have a clear vision of where they wanted to go and how they were going to set forth a plan to achieve it beyond, of course, dipping their toe into the SUV craze. I’m no great fan of either the Ghibli or the Levante but in the short term those sales seem to have kept the division afloat. Future sales of both models should only dwindle going forward and I haven’t heard any real, cogent game-plan in regards to the future.