Maserati Ghibli - $25,000 off MSRP

Wanted a Stelvio badly… but I just couldn’t afford taking the car to service every month when it would have been my daily driver.

It was like gambling… some cars had zero issues, others had ALL the issues.

I was parroting @Mike_Ezginder idea above my post.

I got excited and then made myself sad. :frowning:

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i have always thought reliability issues are exaggerated with certain brands especially when vehicles are relatively new. In today’s production environment with proper quality controls, the chances of having a bad product should be waaaaay less than 1% and to me it is an acceptable risk if i want it badly, especially if I wont be out any money from my pocket.

I somewhat agree. However, you have a small small chance of the infotainment not working. A small small chance of the transmission failing. A small small chance of the muffler falling off. Etc.

It seems FCA has a hard time when one considers all the sub systems.

VDR, let me help you out.

I’ve called Batmitestar out before for his utterly false statements with zero ownership experience of any Italian brand. Myself, and others here, have owned Maseratis without issues. I have one as a daily driver, and another for fun, along with a 5 series. No problems from the Maseratis. Same with a Gran Turismo - pretty solid around cars. I’d stay away from the F1 Gearbox on the MC models and the Duo Select transmissions on the older Quattroportes. Past that, the engines are solid and the transmission is from ZF, rest is mostly stuff slowly being updated year over year.

I’d also wager most people trash talking the car, or any car (3-series for example, or a bentayga being an Audi A7 refreshed) are not in the bracket to buy, or will ever be in the bracket to buy anything, but the internet lets them have an uninformed opinion.



You wanna debate/bicker about cars, cool.

Speculating about strangers’ income and future income is effing pathetic, dude.

Go pound sand.

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