Maryland Freight and Acquisition Fees

Was trying to negotiate a lease deal and the Maryland dealer insisted there is a $995 freight fee in addition to the $995 destination/acquisition fee. Is that correct? Both the Leasehackr and the app Leasematic don’t have an entry besides Acquisition fee. And since my deal fell apart due to this extra $995, I want to know if the dealer is right. Since this cost wasn’t in the fields for the calculators, it threw off my target monthly payments. Had I known, I would have pushed for another 1000 off the msrp to account for this freight charge.

Would love to hear from experienced folks on what is right and any tips for getting them to waive it.

Freight is on the window sticker, I think dealers in Maryland do this weird thing where they back it out of the price so they can advertise a cheaper price, they just add it back in later. Just ask for a lease sheet for a full breakdown


This was the deal sheet. No freight charge on here. Annoying to spring it on me after the fact.

Freight charge is listed? It’s the 5th one down.

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If you go onto Volvo’s website and build the car, what does the MSRP show as?

Yeah DC area dealers all seem to do this.

Sorry meant tot say no acquisition fee of 995 also

Msrp is 47590 on the site.

Shouldn’t they have included the extra 995 charge. Seems like hiding the ball here!

With destination included?

Most of them do it in DMV. Just tell them you are not paying it.

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Ridiculous he’s trying to add that extra charge in

Weird that they aren’t even at the right number before destination. Seems really shady

True. Thats like a new level of low.
OP since the price on deal sheet is still off than Volvo site build, have you checked maybe they have some odd $795 protection package forced upon ?

So the MSRP includes the destination charge of $995. See pic from Volvo site. Msrp is $200 difference because I’m looking at 2019 and the website shows only 2020.

Second pic is the breakdown by dealer. The msrp which includes the destination charge is there, plus a 995 freight charge and a 995 acquisition fee. Is that normal? So to me it looks like 3 $995 charges.

What do you all think? I want to know what’s right so for future deals, I can adjust my calculator accordingly.

Wow. This is pure shadiness lol. Beat them up for the extra $995. Its like giving a new name to forced protection packages etc etc.

$995 for destination and $995 for acquisition is normal. The 3rd is BS.

So just to be clear, destination and freight charge are the same and acquisition charge is a separate charge? The dealer made it seem those three are different charges, to justify charging $995 three times. See the docs for the price breakdown of msrp and the dealer’s lease worksheet.

However, the fine print states freight charge not included in the above price. What does that mean. See attached image:

Let me know you if all agree and I should call out the dealer on this BS. I walked out today of the shop and was gonna close the deal on Oct 31 and now the RV, etc have changed since it’s now Nov 1. This is my first time trying to hack a lease and I’m pretty annoyed about this, granted I knew it would be some shenanigans. Love this community!


Yes. Acquisition fees is charged by the bank, however it can be marked up by dealer. If others can confirm, i think standard Volvo acq fees is 695 and is almost always marked up to 995 by dealers.