Manufacturer Incentives

Can someone enlighten me on how the manufacturer incentives are decided?

Should I jump before the end of May (is the end of the quarter important) or should I wait if I can afford to? I figure the sales slump would be hitting around about now which would inform the incentives next month. For example Tesla has slashed their car prices to reflect that.

You can enlighten yourself by reading and searching. This question has been asked many times.


Okay I’ll concede that but this question is specifically in context of the covid impact.

Oh, that covid impact… Been discussed even more and even easier to search for.


So I can find Nissan incentives here. But when it comes to Hyundai I can’t find a solid reference. Is there a place someone knows where I can see these? They should have been refreshed for June since it’s the 2nd now. But I just can’t find them anywhere.

Best thing to do is ask on edmunds. You need to confirm rv/mf anyway, so get all three at once. is usually accurate as well.

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I just checked on Autobytel. Not only do they not have 2020 Ioniq EV, I tried to check the price on a 2019. It took me to a page where I had to fill out a form to get a ‘price’. Then when I filled it out it said “thank you, the dealer will be in touch, shortly.” Didn’t even get a price.

What to speak of finding out what the manufacturer incentives for this month are. If I’m not doing anything wrong here, Autobytel seems like the sort of scummy website I need to stay the f away from.

When you say ask on Edmunds, you mean the forums?

Seems fine for me? Gotta click on the “More” drop down to get to the incentives.

As for edmunds, yes, post and ask on the vehicle specific forum.

Hey thanks for that. I take it all back. I see them, now.

Why even bother posting if this is your response?

Is this a discussion board or a search engine??

It is both and there was a piece of advise, but why did you bother posting?


I love this forum. I am a life-long lease hackr. I have in the past considered quitting my current career which affords me a very comfortable lifestyle and rock solid job security to become an auto-broker.( not suggesting that I couldn’t necessarily have that as a broker, I know many of you rake it in). It would be my dream job.

However I detest how many long timers on this site treat newcomers and people with honest questions who don’t want to search through reams if digital content. If you don’t want to “ spoonfeed” those people, don’t respond to their posts. Someone might enjoy helping that person with something other than “Check Edmunds” and “ Use the search function you dummy” that I see in literally every thread here.

It is toxic and I guarantee it discourages many from participating.

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So besides the poster doing his or her homework, we should conduct a detailed interview of the OP so we can find them a perfect deal. Oh which by the way includes checking Edmunds & searching the forum.

This is not post your desired deal & others do the legwork for you.

It is a forum to share & learn. Learning requires doing your own homework. People responding are sharing the methods where you can gain the knowledge.

I have yet to see a post not providing help to a genuine question.


It did not discourage OP to do some research, come back and ask pointed questions and receive good answers, no?

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So someone shows up asking for RV/MF/incentive information for their deal. Rather than tell them to go check Edmunds, where we go to get the information, one of us should go do that for them and then provide them the information?

And then when they decide to look at a different vehicle, rather than them knowing “oh. I just need to go check Edmunds”, one of us gets the honor of doing it again for them?

If someone gets upset and leaves because they’re told “here is where the actual resource is for that piece of information, you need to go gather it there”, I am not very sympathetic.


I agree with both sides here. On the one hand, the uninformed should do their due diligence and put in the legwork to find the right information.

On the other, I think the expectation in this instance was high. I was told to go search the forums for discussion on the subject of “when to pull the trigger”. Specific threads on this are not obvious. Yeah the discussion has been had a few times, but they are buried in threads with different subjects. You want me to peruse random threads just out of curiosity? If this is common knowledge that can be shared with a few sentences, I don’t think that’s unreasonable to ask for.

At least if you’re going to say it has been discussed many times, post a link or two.

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Unfortunately, you happened to have landed on a topic of much contention over the past few months that’s been thoroughly beaten like a dead horse, so part of the “just go search” response comes from topic fatigue on the part of those that have been around for a while.

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Here is thread in the “Off-Ramp” section that might be of value: Buying a car will never be the same.

At the end of the day, who knows whether incentives will get better this month vs last month. Incentives usually help move cars. With supply at an all time low for new cars, some manufacturers might not feel obligated to offer huge incentives on certain models.

You’ve been a member since August 2019 so I’m going to set the new user example aside, especially since you consider yourself an aficionado of leasing.

There are literally dozens of threads and thousands of posts by many many members discussing data, conjecture, opinions, and everything in between starting from March through today.

CV-19 has its own tag (edit: 50 threads specifically tagged):

So perhaps start there, and if you have a specific question post that.

Actually your post has the example of both.

When you Asked about general question of “how the incentives are decided?” You got do your research answers…

But when you asked about specifics, you got links & screenshots.

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