Mannheim report Stelvio Quadrifoglio


Can anybody get me or lead me to a place I can get the MMR for a 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio? California

Thank you

What kind of report are you looking for? Do you want the auction listings for current 2018 QV sales?

That would be great! I’m working on a deal where the dealer said they were selling the car to me for the same as MMR so they wouldn’t discount anymore.

They are most likely lying about that since Mannheim sales are wholesale auction pricing. They’re essentially saying they are willing to take a significant operations cost loss.

No one here can pull Mannheim auction reports any more and they haven’t in some time. Apparently you can lose your permit and access to the auction house if you provide those reports to non-account holders.

You need to be a dealer (or have a dealer permit) and pay their 500 dollar fee to gain access.

Checked. There is not a single Stelvio Quadrifoglio sold in Manheim therefore no history let alone MMR.

Yeah, I’m sure they are lying so I just wanted to double check before I push on. If they are even close to what he says then I’ll need to adjust my expectations on the purchase price. I just need a reference.

I understand that most can’t access this information but there are hackrs on here that can. We are here to help each other when we can so if somebody sends me a report in my email then that’s as far as it goes :wink:

Dang! Thanks for looking! How can I find out a true wholesale for an ‘18?

If I were you, I would just shop their price compared to other 2018 QV in the country. If theirs is the cheapest after a pre purchase inspection, then take it.

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Short of asking the dealer to show you their invoice for it? I don’t see how you’re going to get that information.

How would the invoice have anything to do with the wholesale pricing?

Odd. I see 6. Average about $62k.

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Are you buying new or used? You did not specify. I figured you were buying used since they offered Mannheim pricing.

Hmmm :thinking: 6, In California?

I’m buying new but they still can wholesale to Mannheim

oh, no. Nationwide. One in Cali.
But it is rare that prices vary significantly by region.

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Mmr is useless on a car like that because who is going to wholesale a quadrifoglio? Most likely only damaged units or otherwise unsavory otherwise they’d put that beast right in front of their dealership to bring people in. And Mmr doesn’t work for new cars

So what happens when Alfa support goes away and the $87k quad is sitting on the lot. I could be wrong but dealers can wholesale them to get them off the lot. If they are selling for $67k and wholesale is near $63k why not just wholesale the new car at that time?

Because at 67k they may already be in the hole quite a bit and 4K more is even worse.

This is a business and they have ways of offloading cars.

not sure what you are saying.

First, though, let’s be clear that “wholesale” and “auction value” are not the same thing. Wholesale is below auction value to allow for transport, fees, and a small profit for the wholesaler.

But why sell at wholesale when they could likely get someone to jump for joy at $4k-$5k better than that?

So, tell us, what are they offering it for?

Okay I’ll Try and explain my thought process…

Units are about $20k off MSRP I know that Alfa is throwing money at them to get them
Moved. They have not sold 1 2018 unit in the state of California and I’ve been looking for awhile. With that being said 2020’s will be coming out and the 2019’s are not moving either. Alfa support will go away for these old aged vehicles some have been on lots for over 330 days. When that goes away dealerships will not want to make payments on these units and it will get expensive. I believe before the support goes away or when it goes away the dealership will either take the loss or wholesale/auction the car. If I know those numbers then I have a target price. I’m not in a hurry but want to time this best o can. I hope this gives more insight into my thought process. I’m not even sure if this is a correct way of thinking but that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile: