Luxury Car Lease ~$2,000/month

I saw a number of them on a trailer heading to the dealer yesterday. I still like my 2020 better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess ‘need’ is a strong way to put it- part of what I do is a customer facing and the car plays a part in that for me.


Luxurious, fun, and presence. You want to be seen, right?

Do a specialty lease on a vintage car.

Any boring bloke can grab a new S-class Benz.

Roll up in a piece of well-preserved history… you have arrived.

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I’ve driven a panamera for a day. It was a 2020 model.

The taycan is a superior driving car comparatively. Handling and steering-wise.

Panamera is fat And soft.


wow 2k car allowance…that is nice.

Or are you a professional truck driver?

I don’t know about “fat” since the Panamera weighs considerable less. My guess would be you drove a Panamera with low-end suspension vs a Taycan with upgraded suspension. The reviews I’ve seen would seem to indicate they are very very close in performance.

In any case, I was more of the “why not consider both” camp rather than exclude it.

Honestly, for $2k/mo … I don’t know. I think most of those discussed here are pretty commonplace. At least where I live. Certainly Rovers are. A bit less big Porsche sedans.

Can you lease a pre-owned Rapide? :wink:

not sure if the AMG GT 4-door can be had under 2k but it could be an option

Maybe he’s a sports agent. You can’t drive your baller clients around in a Corolla. On the show, Ballers, I believe the Rock drove a RR and then a Bentayga, among others. Also can’t go wrong with an Escalade ESV if you’re balling.

It’s a little early but the Kia Carnival Limo is really nice to chauffer clients around.


Lexus LC? But this rarified air is def something that I don’t know much about! :slight_smile:

Personally, I want my agent driving a Corolla. Tells me he is not ripping me off. Only areas of business I can see wanting to show off is either in a pyramid scheme or financial advisor. “Look at what you can do if you just follow my lead and make money like me!”

But, sorry, sorry, we are off topic.

I still like the pre-owned Rapide idea. I never see those on the road, so that would grab my attention. Is that new electric Hummer available yet? That would certainly grab attention for a little while, at least.

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The usual problem with “help me decide” threads is that the OP can never decide.


But how often do we get a $2000/mo budget? Wait, who’s this car for again?

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We’re in the commercial real estate development game, so we see lots of big cars: escalades, evena few Rolls Royces, etc…

Test driving the Taycan 4s tomorrow, but I think this thread just reconfirmed the RRS for me.

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Just my opinion, but with a $2k budget, an hse rrs would probably be one of the last on my list. Why wouldn’t you just get a full size RR at that point, more comfort and “presence”.

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Alternatively, you could get a fleet of Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) - that’s one way to be seen.

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An RRS SVR is probably in that ballpark

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Two of my neighbors have Aston’s…they ‘re wonderful machines…

I vote for an Aston!



Nice car, even with the silver paint. :-1:

Get a big Nissan (Armada? GTR?) followed by a row of Leaves. Like a duck leading it’s ducklings around town to fancy commercial real estate deals.

Convert some of that unused Class A office space to residential. Help the unhoused!