Luxury Car Lease ~$2,000/month

So I am provided an allowance of up to $2,000 per month for car related expenses. I previously leased an 2018 M4 comp + 2018 540i M sport that expired last year and with working going back in person I am looking at leasing something new.

I’m eyeballing a fully optioned range rover sport HSE Dynamic (v8) ($100k-ish msrp), that seems to lease around $1400-$1600/month, seems luxurious, fun, and has presence/status (which I need).

What’s the most exotic car around this price out of curiosity?

Any other recommendations for something luxurious and sort of fun around this price. Sedan or SUV works, kind of tired of BMW at this point.

I know the M5 (comp), S550/S560, Taycan 4s, and some AMG GLE can be leased around this price.

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These are threads everyone lives for.

Try to lease an Aston Martin for under 2k or just go with taycan 4S.

Other exotic brands will be very challenging.


You might consider an e-tron GT.


So you want the 2k to also cover insurance or strictly the payment?

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Just the lease. It’d be ideal for it to be all inclusive under $2k but not a big deal.

I have a daily already (Lexus GX) that is comfortable and good for the dog, but I still sort of need something that’ll be comfortable since I’ll be sharing with my wife (I’ll get another sports car down the line).

It seems to me like the 4s is a really good sports car but I can’t find much people talking about how comfortable it is. Do you think it’d hit the same balance b/w luxury and fun as the RR Sport? I’ll be test driving one soon but would love some input.

I like Aston but I think besides the DBX (which doesn’t excite me more than the Range Rovers), the rest of the cars lack some of the versatility of a RR Sport or a Taycan 4s.

Thoughts on this?

I love astons…

The DBX would be interesting if it didn’t look like a Ford Escape.


The new S Class - Porsche - Audi GT , RS7, - RR -

I recently drove the v12 DB11, it’s very, very nice but it hits a weird spot for me where it can’t quite decide if it’s a luxury car or a sports car (which I guess is what GT car is).

Personally, I like a 911/r8 type of car that can really turn, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for right now. I’d like something that has the practicality and luxury but is still fun around town (the RR, Taycan, and M5 seem to meet this criteria).

I really can’t tell what you want. One post is sounds like you want a GT car, the next sounds like you want a luxury SUV with 500+ hp.

What EXACTLY are you looking for?


That’s kind of the conundrum I’m in. I’d love to hear a diverse number of options just to see what’s out in front of me so I can make the appropriate decision from there.

My heart currently feels like the RR Sport V8 is the right option, because my wife loves the looks and I love the sound and speed. But it feels like the S class, Taycan, and couple of others give more bang for the buck

The 4S is a great balance of luxury and sports fun. I don’t know that you can compare it to the RRS but I am continually impressed with it every time I get in the drivers seat. If you are looking for rear seating comfort though, I am not sure the 4S would necessarily fit the bill. Otherwise I fully recommend.



M8 convertible all day, and someone on the forum has their M8 up for 1400 a month

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Out of curiosity, why no mention of the Panamera? What makes the Taycan superior?

Personally, I’d lean towards hatchback utility and no range limitations.

This is confusing because you already have a gx. Why another suv? And if another suv, why the hse over something quicker and more fun?

I’m sure someone who has a $2000 car allowance a year makes well over a number that insurance and gas wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t all inclusive to that $2k. And I’m talking extreme high 6 figures to even low 7 digits.

I just re-read the first post. I’m curious to know why you “need” presence and status.

Any idea when the port will be releasing the new s class?