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Hi Everyone!

Those of you may know me from when I was running Lease Hero or when more recently I had my time at Acura. Acura wasn’t the best fit as it was too restricting sticking to one brand, and I’m ready to bring brokered specials back to LeaseHackr! This time, introducing LuxConcierge, your Go-To for lease and rental needs. LuxConcierge primarily serves as a leasing service for cars similar to many of the great brokers already on LeaseHackr, but with the added twist of having an on-site rental service.

All broker fees are included in our advertised pricing as the dealer pays us directly. No hidden fees, no extras. We look forward to working with many more satisfied clients in the SoCal area for luxury makes! Feel free to contact either of us anytime via call/text/email if you’re looking to get into a car soon!

For Custom Inquires, please submit here.

Current Specials

Alfa Romeo - Audi - BMW - Hyundai - Lexus - Maserati - Mazda - Mercedes - Subaru - VW


:calling: Arya Kesha (714) 683-4184

:calling: Mina Halaka (818) 941-2323

:calling: Hadi Bakhshi (714) 797-6539


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It was a pleasure working with Hadi and LuxConcierge, I leased a Corolla from him 2 years ago and I contacted him out of the blue to see what options I have for when the time comes. He was able to get me $9K positive equity for my corolla which he rolled into an EQS bringing my monthly to $460 all in! I couldn’t be happier with the car! I can’t recommend them enough!


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Just want to shout out Arya. He was extremely helpful, patient and responsive. Far better than any of the other dealers and brokers I was working with. I would highly recommend working with him!


Worked with Arya back in 2019 and got an amazing deal on my MSport 340i.
Fast forward to a custom ordered i4 for my wife that we picked up today smoothly, seamlessly, and for a fantastic price.
Very pleased with Arya’s services and will be using them for our next rides as well.


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Always a pleasure serving you @Tanik, ready for the next one :facepunch:

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Shout out to Mina for helping me get a car. It was a very simple and pleasant experience. We got a nice deal on 2023 EQE. Will definitely come back as soon as I need another car. Will 100% recommend him. Thanks again.

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Thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure serving you!

Just got my EQS yesterday and it was an amazing deal! Calculator score of 9.7 years with MSDs. If I have loyalty, it would be 10+ years. The number speaks for itself!

Also, Mina was pretty responsive and extremely patient with all the questions from me. Couldn’t be more happier with my purchase!

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It was a pleasure serving you! Gorgeous car and glad to help you out. Thank you for the kind words.