Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Trying to add Lucid to our Calculator make dropdown. Does anyone know Lucid’s acquisition and disposition fees? I couldn’t find them on Lucid’s website. Many thanks!


Acquisition fee is $995, disposition is $450.


In an almost empty parking lot, I like to park next to another Lucid.

It honestly sucks that the other guy required a dashcam in this car. Front, back, and side cameras should be standard on all trims.


A sub $50k Lucid could be here by 2026.

Got a 23 GT thanks to the community

Sharing my referral code for anyone to use and help save a few $$

Hopeful that next months pricing will come down plus more incentives, end of quarter promo etc.

Love the mileage, definitely cured from mileage anxiety caused by my eqb

Use my referral link to buy the award-winning Lucid Air and get up to $1,250 vehicle discount or rebate

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Did anyone find out if these can be transferred? There’s one on swapalease so assuming so…might have to switch over to a rivian

I love the Rivian, but $338 for my Lucid is much nicer than $700+ for one of those…

Doesn’t seem like they can be transferred. From a Lucid forum poster who was trying to transfer his lease:

“The biggest hurdle apparently is the finance company not allowing for a transfer of lease.”

Even if they were transferable, it would probably be a nightmare dealing with Lucid Financial and BofA.

I was told no by the lucid financial rep.


Guessing swapa took this guys money without confirming

Beauty! Meanwhile my seattle local rep is AWOL

damn good deal! i sent u a DM if anyone hasnt locked it in yet.

I will be sad if I don’t get to lease one of these before they go down

That being said, as an outsider, Rawlinson is the most tepid, self centered, uninspiring CEO there possibly could be

Love the car but nothing could make me love the company