Lucid Air Touring or EQS 580?

EQS is not really a good comparison vs Lucid. It’s more than 10 inches longer. Size wise EQE and Lucid is probably closer.

IMO for what you want, go for a maxed out EQE500 instead of a base EQE AMG. Performance wise it’s not that different. Torque difference is only 633 vs 701. Most of the 0-60 speed difference is from AMG launch control which you are likely not going to use much. Get a nice 21" rim, some swanky color, and premium napa leather (if you care) on that EQE500 instead. Will still come out $1-200 cheaper than the AMG.

Of course, quality wise mercedes and lucid is not really on the same tier. You get way more of a premium feel and comfort vs the lucid. Also, “autopilot” comes standard on the EQ. Also, the rear wheel steering system on the EQE/EQS is the bomb. Makes the car feel way smaller than it is. You only get that on the lucid sapphire.

The lucid Air touring felt like a monster in comparison and pulls immensely fast up to 100

One comment on this. Not sure if you have test drove with the sports mode or comfort mode on the EQE, the difference is quite significant. On the Lucid, it has higher torque, but more importantly it’s also set to max performance mode by default + launch mode by default (max power on start) just like Teslas. Having owned a heavy tesla (model x), the caveat is that your tires are going to be needing replacement in less than a year. Mercedes gives you the option to burn your tires if you want to without having it being the default option.

I don’t know if you’ve sat in a Lucid, but they’ve put a lot more effort into interior packaging than Mercedes has. Even being 10" shorter, they are dead even for interior volume/trunk size.

Not a bad idea at all. Will explore some pricing on this as well

Sport+! But I think you’re right, probably has something to do with less power outside of launch mode, and extra 700lbs of weight

Yes the EQ car models are not great for interior size because 1. they don’t have a frunk. 2. The doors/frame is a lot thicker than my tesla. This converts to better interior comfort but less interior space as well. That’s why we got a 2nd EQS SUV for family car. The sedan is just my personal commute car.

For Lucid, I have friends working there, yes I was told they use the same leather as rolls royce for their seating. I have also considered Lucid, but one dealbreaker is I’m not sure how long they will be around as a company. They have been losing tons of money and is going to bleed even harder trying to match tesla’s price cuts.

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If I might ask…i noticed for the non-AMG models, you have two options for rear steer? 3.6 degree which is the same as AMG and then a 10 degree option? Which one is better? They looked to be the same price too. Or did i mis-read and that’s only on EQS.

I agree with you which is why i’m only considering a lease. And the 18 month special at that. You’re right. I don’t know how long they will survive, but i think if they can get the newly announced gravity off the ground, i think that should help them immensely! Selling large sedans is not a good market to be in right now

I think the 3.6 degree is the base option for European markets, and they can pay more to upgrade to 10 degrees. For US market 10 degrees is the standard, unless for some reason you prefer a smaller rws angle and a wider turn, for that case you can select the 3.6 degree if you really want to.

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The good part about your doing your diligence looking is now you can make a more confident decision to lease that Lucid Air Touring hah. I just hope Lucid isn’t burying some significant aftermarkets or other fees in their lease after you order. It’ll be interesting to see how closely Lucid holds to their headline offers when it’s time to sign.

You better post in the signed forum once you get your new Lucid!

I read an article a few weeks ago that broke down how much Rivian was losing per car due to over engineering and inefficiencies. I think it was in tens of thousands of dollars. And then they listed a similar number for Lucid which made Rivian’s waste look like chump change. So, yeah, there’s a clear going concern issue for Lucid if their Saudi backers decide that they’ve had enough. Wonder what would happen to a lease if the manufacturer goes out of business? How about warranty repairs? Would you be on the hook for payments if the car is broken and there is no one to fix it or no parts available?

I’d be curious if Electrified Garage is coming up for a solution for future manufacturer abandoned BEV’s

I’m guessing yes considering Rich started off with a flood Tesla Model S that he couldn’t get parts for outside of eBay and rogue Tesla employees.

no, in the case of bankruptcy, there’s usually an auction of the company’s assets at pennies on the dollar, and whoever takes over assumes liabilities of the warranties as well. This is what happened with Fisker in 2013.

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If there are any takers at all. And then, don’t expect them to be overly generous.

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If anyone wants an owner’s referral code for Lucid, please message me. You can get up to $1250 disount. I will get some points to redeem Lucid merchandise in return.

OP your heart seems to be set on the lucid. It’s only a 18 month lease so great way to get it out of your system.

@holeydonut update for you since you were asking. Finally got the detailed lease numbers. So turns out the $1000 deposit is not as a CCR towards the lease like the calculator shows. BofA calculates the same $1100/month without using the deposit.

On the other hand, you do have to pay first month payment + registration + tax on $7500 rebate up front, which is not shown on their calculator. Which comes out to a DAS of $3000, and then Lucid uses your order deposit towards your DAS, so you pay the $2k remainder if you go forward with it.

Hmmm ok so that’s weird their calculator shows the $1,000 as a cap cost reduction, unless they were assuming you were going to capitalize the registration and taxes hah.

It makes sense on the other things you noted, their calculator didn’t itemize the registration and taxes, so that was always going to be more up-front and more during the life of the lease.

So what does the monthly effective become for all things (in California)?

How do I calculate that? Hahah. It’s $1118/month + tax for 18/7.5k and $3k total DAS. Oh and $1000 referral rebate on top of that. So $2k DAS. But registration and first month and taxes you have to pay even if you buy the car, so are those counted towards monthly effective? I think it’s something like this below:

Oh I thought the $1,118 was going up once you added registration and accounted for the weird $1,000 order fee. Is the referral taxed?

nope, it’s a post sale rebate, so no tax. I posted the leasehackr calculator if that helps explain it (i just used bmw since there is no lucid, but i adjusted the acquisition fee). MF is 0 and RV is 72.5%

Hi. If you don’t mind sharing the deal you are getting on the lease. MRSP, discounted price, money factor etc… Appreciate it.

Whoa, looks like the Lucid Air Touring is dropping price $10k. Hope you can get this new pricing assuming you haven’t taken delivery yet.