Love plastic & nature? The Subaru Outback Wilderness is for you

More cladding!


jfc cladding for days and days.

I do want to try their new Starlink System


I wonder if there will be enough demand for companies to create lift kits. But even then, can you even re-gear these things? Maybe just fender cut-outs and 33s…

My wife has a regular outback and I think it’s pretty neat. But anyways, can’t wait to see all moms drive the “rugged” outback all around the city and never see the wilderness part.

Everyone: the Forestor with the orange trim might be the ugliest Subaru ever.

Subaru designer: hold my beer.


Perfect for the grocery store parking lot. The is peak performance.

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The whole thing looks disjointed. The wheel well flares should have been fully rounded out and drag the plastic look from front bumper to rear with a single molded piece of plastic. Those panels could then be put on clips, so if they get damaged you can easily buy a new one.

And screw the wilderness marketing, market it like Saturn did with undingable door panels, hit shopping carts against it, hit car doors against, kid’s bikes, maybe get Billy to run into it head first witth a football helmet, etc. Really target your audience.

Agreed. I want someone to develop a 100% practical car with zero reverence for typical car design tropes.

I imagine the end result would be a hybrid engine with a station wagon body covered entirely with cladding.

Good News! Pontiac has you covered…


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What I really don’t understand here is the random “anodized copper look” squares strewn about. I assume they’re little aluminum trim pieces that are for some reason anodized mustard yellow that they’ve somehow decided is copper because reasons?

That car was ugly as sin, BUT, slap EV powertrain into it, and it will be right at home now.

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At least it comes with the turbo standard… But yikes

This thing will sell out before the tires hit the road. I’m also expecting these at moab next to lifted tacos and 4xes