Looks like discounts are back on the menu (Atleast BMWs in CA)


I was talking to a bunch of dealers for BMW X5e, and while hardly anyone is willing to offer discounts on hybirds/EVs (mark-ups for in-stock units, MSRP for custom orders), it seems a bunch of them were willing to offer 5-6% off for non-hybird versions. And not just X5, other models too.

One dealer did mention that hybrids would most likely start getting discounts by end of the year, but so far its not possible.

Happy hunting!

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///M too? :laughing:

on orders or in stock?

I just texted my local dealer and because they haven’t fleeced me in the past they wont fleece me now. :frowning:

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I want an f80 but I’m not paying more than 45k for a low mileage one
Pre covid prices come back!!!

I feel like that has been the case for a while now. Some brokers even offer 2% on hybrids.

in-stock units atleast. I didn’t check with custom ones

I’ve talked to about 10 dealers in CA about the 45e and only 2 had a markup above MSRP and both agreed to remove the markup very quickly, one even went from 10K markup to considering my offer 3K under MSRP (my guess is if I went on the spot ready to sign I could have got it under MSRP) Best deal that I’ve been able to negotiate so far on an in stock unit is 1K under MSRP. My gut feeling is that by the end of the year we should be able to get mid single digits discount on the 45e and maybe high single or even low double digits on the regular trim X5