Looking to lease Plugin Hybrid in NY, most affordable and winter friendly?


We are looking for a go getter for wife to run errands, drive around town, plug in hybrid that has long enough range on electric. Trying to save as much as possible, and can do one pay if necessary. No more than $300/month. Something that can charge off 110 outlet if possible without expensive new chargers/modifications.

I live in New York state (suffolk county) and willing to travel to NJ/PA/CT if necessary to get a good deal since I’ve seen the dealers in NY area tend to give lower discounts off msrp.
Any suggestions?

a wrangler 4xe is currently the “best” leasing phev and you’d need probably $10k down to be below $300/month… or finance a $40k car for 72 months at 4.5% you’d need $25k down to be at $300

You may have some trouble with no more than $300 a month in todays market without an enormous down/DAS payment.

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In NJ you really want to go all electric so you can maximize the incentives. A Nissan Leaf or Volkswagen ID.4 will qualify for the $7500 federal rebate, the $4000 NJ rebate and be sales tax exempt. This will probably be your best chance to get under $300/mo with minimal DAS. I would include the Bolt, but the $7500 rebate won’t restart until 2023. Your problem will be finding one of these units available and at a reasonable price.

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Short Answer: None.

Minimum is 450/month.

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the only way to get $300 is to put approx $6000 down.
Most PHEVs except for Jeep/Chrysler has ADM, so add another $3000

If you want $300 with $0 due, then you need to wait till next year.

I knew market was bad but I had no idea it was this bad.
I considered hybrid to save on the gas, but it seems like the range is limited and it won’t be a huge difference in return.
Paying more per month to get hybrid vs less and paying for gas seems like a break even.
Will it be better if I go with all-electric?

@z0lt3c, I am in NY so I won’t qualify for the add’l NJ rebate.

I remember seeing Leaf deals for $200-$250, so there are no discounts now, Nissan is advertising $443/mo with $0 due at signing (only 1st months pay). Plus taxes, dmv, etc probably.

Would it be better if I finance something few years old and pay about $500/month and hope to have the equity in the end? Or let go of hybrid and find something for time being? Are the one pay nissan deals still going on? Wife is constantly reminding me, I need help.

Effective payment, not possible.

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Equity is a slowly sinking ship right now, expect by year end for the ‘Where did my equity go’ posts to start back up.

you’re not getting either a leaf or a ID.4 for under $300 unfortunately. 2023 bolt would be the best bet with the $4k from the state, awaiting the programs

Not effective, but monthly after paying 1st month, taxes, dmv, bank fees at signing approx $1500-$2000 depending on the bank/car maker, could be 36 months or less, i just need to ride the first year or so, should I have gotten those Nissan one-pay 18 month deals I think… I think it was Murano?

Wouldn’t that mean values of the cars going down? Or you mean they are paying so much that cars are still not going to be worth much compared to what we pay even though still high.

Right now according to ‘Lucky Lopez’ the lots of ‘no bids’ are getting full, which means cars are not selling for what they used to.
So Dealers in 60 days are about to have a ‘fire sale’ because they owe money on those cars and have to sell them to prevent any interest payments.

All comes down to , the Used Car Market has peaked and is heading downwards.

I jumped on one of those for my mother (Murano SV). But still wasn’t down to $300/mo effective (roughly mid-$400 range effective with tax, broker fee, DMV, etc). I think the closest you could get to that would have been a Frontier S or maybe SV with an 18-mo 1-pay but you need the right configuration (4x4 CC, not too much on it, enough cars in-stock that they give you a below MSRP deal). But a Frontier is a far cry from an EV SUV and unless you actually wanted a BoF pickup, probably isn’t worth going for vs a Murano. And I believe even a Frontier SV is lacking in content vs a Murano SV.

Where is he bidding “25k on that Jeep Wrangler” ?

Manheim LV I will assume

NY has its own EV rebate. You should look into the Bolt and Leaf, and then compare the TCO (total cost of ownership) for financing vs leasing.

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Thank you. I just looked at Bolt, with $3000 down, it’s $350/month, this is not too bad. I this a mistake? I see 2020 model LT for $40k too?

If you come out to PA there is some availability at Msrp; but it’s atrocious on a lease. The 6500 finance rebate for the euv means you’ll have a cheapo EV for a bit.

The purchase is better. $6,000 ish rebate from GM. Something like $2,500 rebate from NY.

Finance through a credit union using regular or balloon loan.