Looking to lease new SUV in February < $325/mo

Location: Buffalo, N.Y.

Desired Trim: Mid-size SUV preferable, but any size will do as long as it fits the budget

Term: 36/12

Other: Really need this to be no money down, but not sure how realistic that is.

Did you miss the front page deal on the Highlander? Take out the MSDs and you’ll be a little over $300.

nicely equipped subaru forrester should also do the trick.

Same with VW Tiguan

Possible with 2016BMW X1, without much in the way of options (and some price shopping)

I did see the Highlander, but it said “Program valid through 10/31/16” so I didn’t think I’d be able to get that in February. Unless I’m interpreting that wrong, which I very well could be.

For the price the XLE is going at, I would get one end of November since I don’t think the deals will last.


I’m currently in a lease with GMC until February, so I would think it would be tough to get out of.

The best time to get a lease is when the clock to return your old car is not running against you. I was suggesting you lock in an XLE around Dec 6th, so you would have 3 months of double car payment but I understand if that is not possible.

Check out the Equinox deal here on the forum that @bro1999 mentioned above. Assuming you qualify for all the incentives you’re looking at <$175/mo w/ roughly $1k drive off and then a $700 costco cash card back. Even with some variations on that deal you should still be well under <$325/mo sign & drive on a nicely equipped LT.

It’s hard to time these things perfectly but see if you can get the Equinox deal in late December

Anywhere below $200 will be well below your budget and the savings will easily pay for the momentary overlap with your other auto.

I agree with all the others who say to eat a month or two of double payments and get on a November-December lease cycle instead of February. Much better deals around the holidays, generally speaking of course!

Not too sound dense, but is this deal only available in Florida? I’m not seeing anything similar in NY (Buffalo)

You’re gonna have to work for it. Great deals don’t just fall in your lap. :stuck_out_tongue: Review the OPs post for tips. You have a competing lease, so that qualifies you for the biggest rebate you need in order to get a great deal.

Keep in mind since you are in NY, and they charge full sales tax on a lease (I think), you won’t be able to duplicate OP’s deal, since he is in a state that only taxes the monthly payment and incentives.

I’m in MD which also charges full sales tax, so you’re realistically looking at $150-160/month, $0 down, as the cheapest possible lease deal, due to the taxes. That is if you qualify for EVERYTHING (you still would get the $700 Costco card if you were a member as of 30 Sep). If you don’t have the farm bureau membership, ~190/month is what you’d be looking at for a 24 month/10k miles lease on a base LS Equinox.

Tax in MD, if rolled into the lease payments, adds almost $60 a month on top of the regular lease payment on a 24 month lease. In most other states, such as FL, tax would only add around $20/month.

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