Looking to Lease a Ford F-150 Limited, any Ford pros here?

Hey All, new to the forum so thanks in advance for any assistance.

I’m looking into Leasing a 2017 Ford F150 Limited and want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row when I head to the dealership.

So far I’ve been dealing with them via email and text and I feel like they are yanking my chain a bit on pricing.

Any tips on how to best position myself when I head to the dealership to start negotiations?

Thoughts on Ford leasing or past experiences?

Also does it hurt that I have a very specific vehicle I’m looking for?

Thanks again!


At the dealership you should end the negotiating, not start.

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Good point - anything helpful?

What numbers / quotes have you received so far?

Detailed Pricing

Price Difference

This is from the website - not sure what all is wrapped up in the 11k.

This was his response for a 3 year 10k mile/year lease - Your base monthly payment is 835.36 and 59.36 is the property tax so the total payment will be 894. Which seems high to me.

You’ll need to get a better breakdown of the quote. Ask for a lease worksheet showing all the numbers - selling price, rebates, MF, residual, fees, etc.

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Thanks, @beardtw12 getting that info now.

He didn’t propose $835 with a straight face did he? Jeeeezuz.

It’s not an apples to apples, but I leased a Ram 1500, 10k miles, MSRP $49K for $287 (pre tax) with $0 down, earlier this year. Just to give you an idea of how awful $835 for a $67K truck really is.

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He said - Man, **How it’s going to be possible its a 56000 dollar truck
With your taxes and fees its around 60000 **. He was kind of a dick.

Hate when sales reps are like that. They often don’t know the math and just focus on monthly price and down payment. That’s why it’s important to get all the numbers and don’t even worry about discussing monthly payments…sometimes you’ll have to lead them to the answer. I don’t think Ford F-150s tend to lease that well though, but we’ll see.

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I was looking at the same truck in May. Ended up leasing a GMC Denali Ultimate. 39/10K first month out of pocket $553 per month. Some folks have done even better. I’m in Texas so I had to pay the entire tax up front.

How do you like it? I know it’s dumb but I can’t believe GMC and Chevy do not have push button start. Having to stick a key in the ignition seems like such a pain in the ass these days. :slight_smile:

Also, visit Edmunds forum to request RV/MF/Lease Cash for your region

Do you have to login or sign up to use the site?

That is the only thing I hate about that truck is not having a push button start. The item I equally hated on the Ford was the ignition shut off when stopped. It was only on the Eco-boost engine and won’t be across the entire line until 2018. You could shut it off but you had to shut it off every time you started the truck. So far I love my GMC.

You have to create a login but it’s free

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Yeah, I don’t mind the engine shut off - I’ve test driven a few and I didn’t really even notice till the sales dude showed me how to turn it off. I used to drive a Fusion Hybrid that did the same thing. Just don’t know how GMC/Chevy have missed on that feature. Thanks for the feedback!

I’m old skool, I still like turning a key to make my car start :slight_smile:

I was the same way until I bought my current car - Acura RLX - all the bells and whistles - hard to go back after having all the goodness.

Assuming the King Ranch trim is available only as a SuperCrew, the numbers are 58% and 2.00%

Can someone translate what the above statement means please?