Looking to lease a 2019 kia forte

Yep I get it. I just wanted to make sure I was getting a decent deal. But I can see if they don’t want me shopping around. But doesn’t everyone shop around.

You think 240 a month and that’s after taxes and fees?

Okay how about this quote for an 19 forte ex… They want 280 a month. And 270 due at signing?

Just got that deal in upstate New York.

I would do what I suggested and email those dealers.

I would never pay close to $300 for a Forte.

I hear they roll the payment into your next lease however I can tell you even thought they bought nearly $800 worth of my lease payments on my last lease I still got my car lease cheaper than I see others here paying for the same exact trim level I got…I’m paying when factoring everything in $295 a month 36/10!
I received quotes from many dealers and some were as high as $430+ a month!

$300 for a forte is ludacris. I’m paying that for a Honda touring.

At the end of the day it’s a matter of how bad you want a Forte.

Are you married to the Forte as the car, Forte; or are you on the idea of it because you believe that a cheaper MSRP car=cheaper lease? If it’s the latter, I assure you, this is not the case.

I’ve seen Accord Touring 1.5T go for about 300 bucks. EX-L Navi going for less.

I would rather get the civic sport if I could. What are some suggestions for negotiating?


I don’t see any real lease incentives for the 2019 Civic.

All you can really do at this point is ask for invoice pricing. Start at saying “I’d like to lease the car at 500 below invoice.”

I honestly don’t see any other way to negotiate since there are no incentives or dealer cash that I know of on Civic trims.

Continue to look at Autobytel and look at other cars that you’re comfortable with driving. They may have more incentives and you may be able to find something else and more substantial at a lower price. It’s kind of a bad time to be leasing…

Thanks for the suggestion!

Just spoke with the dealer and he said any lower they would be below invoice price. He said noway they can go lower

Tell them thank you, and try another dealer.

That’s what I did. Told them thank you.

Now would ya guys recommend me going to the dealer and tell them I was looking to buy. Nogatiate the selling price. And then let them know I am thinking about leasing? And see where it goes from there?

Go hack a 1.5 Accord, seems like the way to go, especially if you can get it under $300. If your really lucky you could get into a 3 series loaner under $300

Lying to the salesman about your intentions will onlyconfuse and complicate the deal. There may be different things incentives on a purchase versus a lease so I would advise that you be direct and firm on your intentions.

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So when they ask are you looking to lease or purchase? Let them know I wanna lease. Then when they ask what are your current payments on the Mazda? Or what are you looking to spend a month? How do I ask to first nogatiate the sale price first?

You have a choice here. If a salesman goes down the checklist of asking all those things, you already know the type of experience you’re in for…

Our recommendation here is to always email and call dealers instead of walking in to do this.

If you feel as if you have to physically go you simply say “I would like to discuss my trade after we’ve talked about the lease on the forte and I would like to discuss monthly payments through negotiating on the sales prices.”

You’ll get many different types of responses from this, but if they start to tell you that the sales price doesn’t matter and it’s all monthly payment, they’re going to screw with you and I recommend leaving at that point.

So let them know that I want to nogatiate the monthly payments through the sales price? And then once the quote is made ask for the breakdown of the numbers?

Just say something like this:

“I’m interested in leasing this vehicle and I was hoping to get about a 10 percent discount on the sales price of the car before incentives. I plan on rolling in all payments into the lease so that’s I’m not paying anything at signing. I’d like to lease for 36 months at 12k miles (or whatever term you actually want, this is just an example). Can you meet this? If not what’s the best you can do and I’d like to see the lease break down with selling price, money factor, and residual value. I’m not putting any money down, either.
Thank you.”

That’s about as direct and to the point as you can be. Obviously be polite and don’t make “demands,” but also know what you want. If you want 15 percent off, then ask for 15. If you don’t get it, then walk. It’s just a matter of you setting the standard for what you want and guiding negotiations in that direction.

When you’re ready for trade in, mention the car after you’ve come to deal you both agree on.

Any negative equity that’s gets rolled in will add 30 dollars to monthly per thousand dollars of negative equity. If there’s positive equity, just ask them to cut you a check for the difference.