Looking to lease a 2019 kia forte

I am in the market for a new lease. My current Mazda is ending next month. I am in Michigan.

Looking at the 2019 kia forte lx. 0 down, 10k a year and for 36 MO.

I do know the kia forte lx residual value is 10658 and a 400 deposition fee. MSRP of 20110. Sale price of 18169. I am not too sure what kind of rebates I am getting though.

Shopping around for the last few weeks these are the two best deals I have been able to find. My problem is no one is really wanting to negotiate with me. I keep telling them I gotta get a lower payment.

236 a month for 39 months. 243 due at signing. That’s taxes and fees included. And the Dealer is going to pay my last Mazda payment of 210 and 300 lease turn in fee

And another deal I found was 217 a month for 39 months and 668 due at signing. Or 236 a month with 0 due at signing. But I would still have to pay my last mazda3 payment and 300 deposition fee.

Now it seems like with a cheaper car like that I should be getting a much lower payment right? Most dealers I go to all pretty much start at 290 a month and I seem to get them to go lower but nothing really lower than 250 a month.

What the heck am I doing wrong here.? Help would be appreciated. Thanks guys

Cheaper car is not always cheaper payment.

I’d go with an optima over a Forte for a few bucks more or even a Civic Sedan.

Both better cars.

I do agree the civic is an awesome car. The best price on the lx I could find is 700 due at signing for 260 a month!

$236 for a Kia forte :persevere:

My last lease was a 2016 Honda sport for just about the same price!!!

Civic LX with an average price of $279 a month???

Sheeesh…I have a 1.5 touring with everything factored in at $295 a month…

Insane numbers for a Civic LX

Geez. I would. Love a civic sport for 240 a month! Noone is willing to negotiate. They won’t even show me the lease breakdowns

What are you doing? Are you going into dealers to negotiate?

I recommend emailing and calling all the dealers in your area and try negotiating that way. Only go to the dealer you plan on signing with.

I think you will have to consider other vehicles. You may luck out and find that ONE Kia dealership that isn’t completely awful but they have a pretty terrible (and deserved) reputation for a reason. It’s a shame as the 2019 Forte looks pretty good!

An Impreza might be a better choice? Or a Jetta? Or a Corolla hatch maybe?

I have probably emailed around 20 dealers looking for kias Hondas and hyundais. Went to a few in person. Maybe by the end of the month they will start lowering their price. But for now i can’t seem to get anything in the 200-210 range. And everything has like 600 Das

$200-210 range

Base Altima
Base Jetta
Base elentra

I usually call dealerships…I call more dealerships than I walk into…this last lease I got I walked into 2 dealerships…called probably a dozen or so.

What were some of the quotes you received other than the forte?

I drove the jetta s trim. Just didn’t really care for it. Yeah I have talked to a bunch. The majority will give me a price. Then I tell them it’s just too high for me. They drop it a little and then say if yiy put money down it can reduce the monthly payment. I have also had a few that would only give me a price if I went there in person.

I have had a few forte lx quotes start at 300 a month and would maybe get them down to 250.but all had money due at signing.

I had a quote on the jetta s for 218 a month with 650 due at signing.

I had a quote for a 19 civic lx for 279 a month with zero out of pocket.

2018 Mazda 3 sport for 236 a month with 661 due at signing.

what dealer?

Jetta and Mazda aren’t terrible. Can do a little better, but they seem pretty good. Need actual numbers before we can fully judge such as MSRP, selling price, MF, and RV.

The cars worth getting tend to not be the ones that lease the best in this segment.

Dealer isn’t paying a cent of your Mazda lease. He’s rolling that $510 into the lease by selling you the Forte for $18,169, instead of $17,659.

Don’t fall for that, please. You are rolling negative equity into that Forte proposal.

Oh yeah for sure. I realized That they were just rolling in the payments when they wouldn’t budge on the price. And when I asked them for the breakdown of the lease, they wouldn’t do it. It was probably my fault for asking them to pay my last payment and turn in fee before they gave me the quote.

But even if they are just rolling in my payments, that dealer is still better than the quote I got with actually rolling in my payments. That quote was 232 a mo with 683 due at signing.

I have asked for the numbers and the dealer refused to let me see them. Probably cuz they are hiding something. I feel like they are hesitant to let me see them if I won’t go to the dealership in person. I asked if they could send them to my email and no luck

I’d call a few Honda dealers and shoot for 240s/month with only first payment due at signing.

Tell them you want an LX sedan and make an offer. See if anyone bites

Honestly, I don’t think they’re hiding something as much as they are trying to prevent you from cross-shopping.

The only way dealers can control the market in their area is by not releasing their numbers. They don’t want anyone taking their offers and going to other dealers. They consider that lost business.