Looking to lease 2018 XC90 T6

I’m looking to lease a 2018 XC90 T6 Momentum
I’m having the worst experiences ever.

12k or 15k lease 36 months

Ridiculously large numbers a month. I’ve also been told that you can’t lease a loaner over 7500 miles. Is this true?

Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

First time dealing with Volvo and have never had an experience like this.

If you want a dealer or broker to come to you, which is what it seems, there is already a thread of those. No need to break forum rules and create your own

My apologies. First post. Wasn’t necessarily seeking a dealer or a broker. Just asking for some inside knowledge

You can lease a loaner with at least up to 10K miles.

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From 7,501-10,000 miles, the MSRP has to be reduced by 20% before application of the residual percentage, and then still have the 20 cents/mile reduction for all the miles on the car. Basically the payment will skyrocket on a car with more than 7,500 miles, unless the selling price severely reduced. The only good news is the residual will be really low. Even still, seeing much or any equity at the end of the lease is questionable. If a dealer writes a lease on a Volvo with over 10,000 miles, they probably won’t get the lease funded, or if they do, they would probably pay a penalty to get it done.

@Nmo941 - unless you lease a Volvo by 10/31, you’re going to be looking at the November lease terms and incentives, which are very likely to be better than October’s. Volvo should be having their Winter Sales Event.

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I have an early lease termination on my Tahoe LTZ. Is it better for me to just turn it in or have someone buy it rather than factoring in $3k of negative equity into any lease?

Just got these numbers on a Demo 2018 XC90
T6 momentum with momentum, convenience, red key, 20 inch wheels and metallic paint.
Vehicle has 6k miles on it.
Why do these numbers seem ridiculously high?
I’m still waiting to hear back on what the MF is.

MSRP 60,160
Discount 9,500
Sales Price $50,660
39 months/12k
$2500 customer cash
Residual $28,800

Monthly payment $798.71 (taxes included)

52%/.00148. You are taking almost $2.5K ($63/mo) hit for the loaner miles.

Trade it/sell it, don’t roll negative into your new lease.

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MF is .00200

That means your dealer marked it up.

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Any indications what this might be? Is it model / region specific? I did a quick search and last year seemed to be a few months free lease payments.

So I’m right to assume that this deal sucks correct?
Would I be better off with a ‘19 or do you have some advice on how I can negotiate this ‘18 better?

The mileage must be close to 10K. Why would you want it in the first place? You will be almost out of warranty and discount is only just under 16%. Like I said before - you are paying $63/mo mileage penalty. Find at least lower mileage one.

The mileage is 5,680.

Then the RV value they gave you is wrong. $60,160 x 52% = $31,283 - (5,680-500)x0.25 = $29,988
Also, I think 36 months may be better.

I’m sorry it’s because it’s for 15k miles

With 15% off + $2,500 Volvo incentives (verify for your zip) should be $654/mo + tax & all fees for 36/15. Use 10 MSDs and it will be $613/mo.


Sorry to be ignorant MSDs are multiple security deposits correct? If so, in this case, what does 10 equal?

What tool you use to calculate above numbers