Looking to Hack this thing a different way -- High RV + Low MF + Low MSRP = What Car?

I am assisiting a friend of mine in leasing his first car. He has top tier credit. Here’s the wrinkle. He really doesn’t much care what the car is (though he does like hatchbacks), so long as it is relatively fuel efficient and the payment is under $250.00. No money down, of course (or as close as he can get to no money down). I tried researching the corolla hatchback, mazda3 hatchback, elantra GT, but all of these cars have crappy residuals. So, this is where I am…and here is my question — what are some inexpensive cars out there with excellent residual values? I think it’s fun to approach leasing a car this way, however, I am too much of a diva to not care what the car is. All suggestions are welcome.

You’re missing a big discount and/or rebate as the other part of the low payment recipe. To be honest, high RV and low MF is Captain Obvious stuff. Look around the forum for posts about cars with low payments and you’ll find what you’re looking for. The post you made actually belongs here: Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - and you might get some helpful responses there. Don’t be surprised when if this thread gets locked.