Looking for Toyota Dealer Offering Tax Credit in DFW Texas

Hello All,

Has anyone able to get tax credit from Toyota dealer in TX (ideally in DFW market)? I tried reaching out to few with no luck so far.

I am thinking of leasing Tacoma since it has low(perhaps lowest?) RV. However, TX requires tax on full price, hence it makes harder to hack unless dealer is willing to offer tax credit.

Please let me know dealership if you recently had success with tax credit in Texas, so I can narrow my dealer target list.


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If you search the forum there’s a thread about Tundra deals for $300/month from August/Sept of last year. Grapevine Toyota I believe. Lease manager was the contact, not sure if he’s still active in these forums. Deal was thru US bank, not sure if Tax credits were involve.

Yeah, tax credits are awesome and saved us $70/mo on our 5e.

I’m not plugged in to the local Toy dealers so can’t help much there. Best to find some internet managers at the different dealers and just call around.