Looking for suggestions

currently leasing 2017 crv ex-l, lease term left 1 year 9 months. Still owe around 14k on the lease, paying $700 a month. Wanted to know if there’s anyway I can get out of this deal earlier. If possible getting into another SUV awd with all safety features that all new cars have now.

Please help!

You got hosed on your lease. There is 0 good way of getting out. Ride it out and learn from your financial mistakes

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How much negative equity did you roll into that lease?

Anything is possible if you’re willing to pay for that privilege. On the surface, it looks like it’ll cost a pretty penny too.

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I trusted people that’s what Happened

Was hoping I can get in a new lease around $500 a month

Nobody can help you with the little info you provided. You need to provide your retail payoff number along with the current blue book value. On the surface, outside of a little encore you’re rolling negative equity in, your goal doesn’t seem feasible. Until knowing payoff and value though, it’s all speculation.

Seems like this isn’t your first negative equity rodeo? How much did you roll into this lease? You are paying over $25K for a car that likely MSRPs for $30K so dealer couldn’t have screwed you that bad.

Wanting a new similar SUV doesn’t seem mandatory rather a desire so the smart thing would be to stick with this one and start over in 21 months.

Sorry new to this thing. Payoff is around 33k I think trade in value is around 23k.

If you thought $700/mo on a CRV sounded ok, you’re best plan is ride this one out until the end and contact a broker for the next deal.


I didn’t have anything rolled into the lease. But I didn’t put anything down. But I trusted the salesman because I knew him personally.

First mistake…

“Friends” at dealerships rarely cut good deals

Shows how much of a “friend” they are. I hope he took you to a nice steak dinner or gave you a years supply of steak.


Yes, I learned that the hard way unfortunately.

Like @Britten440 said - $700 x 36 = $25,200 for a $30k car, simple math. This should have made you think, friend or not.


I also included maintenance like oil change, and etc. I figured I’m screwed anyway, but I figured asking around won’t hurt.

I was hopping somebody knew a great deal that can take about 5k negative equity, and roll the rest be below $500 monthly

Long and short, no way out cleanly.

Ride it out and check payoff vs Vroom and Carvana monthly.

Nothing else to be said here. People will just continue to pile on how bad this was.

I’d recommend closing before it becomes a blood bath.

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Oh yes

Tell your friend he’s a snake.

It would have been less expensive to finance.

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Yikes, this lease deal is almost criminal. Would love to see the lease contract on this one.

That’s almost impossible as the RV is set by the bank and there is max increase to the money factor allowed. If your credit didn’t qualify, they could have used a subprime lender with an outrageous rate. How is your credit (honestly)?

As other mentioned, post the lease contract with your personal information removed and we can tell you what happened. If it is an outrageous MF, it may make sense to buy it out no matter what if you can borrow at a reasonable rate and if the captive will credit you for the unused interest per the contract.

BTW - You want a $500/month payment, but willing to eat $5K. The different between your current payment and that is only $4,200 so ride it out.