Looking for Palisade or telluride deals (or broker reference)


My friend is looking for a Palisade (preferably) or else Telluride deal in Socal (San Diego) for under $500 for 36 months 12k/year (premium/convenience/drive/sunroof packages)
He is ok to work with any broker as well. Please let me know if any deal is available or reference to any good broker who can help in getting a good deal on Hyundai/Kia in Socal (San Diego).


P.S : I did check the broker reference thread but most of them seem to be for BMW/Audi/Volvo/Mazda. I am sorry if I missed it but I could not find anyone which has good reviews for Hyundai/Kia deals.

Very unlikely he is getting under $500 without money down with that configuration. There are very few dealers in southern California that are negotiating much, so you’ll have to go off what they have in inventory to even have a hope. Bob Baker in Carlsbad and nissani in Culver City are the two best hopes.

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