Looking for cheapo lease beaters (Tri State Area)

Before I get roasted by everyone, yes, I did do research. It appears that Volkswagens and Subarus seem to be the best leasers among the cheaper cars. Is this incorrect? Just looking for a starting point because I might be starting a business soon and would like to have a “business only” car so its easy to keep track of mileage and all.

If you are in CARB state, look at hybrids and electrics

Yeah I looked at that thread. Didn’t really get much out of it other than reading a weird argument. I’m also not looking or expecting something that is under 125/mo.

I guess I should state that I’m in the NE/tri state area.

If you are in NY/NJ then I see a clarity in your future. If in PA, they do not have the lease incentive :slight_smile:

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Download Honckr app.
Also take a look at Forte5.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

But really though, VWs/Subarus are good options to look at too, right? Particularly the Imprezas/Jettas?

Wow this app is pretty good.

Elantra and Sonata’s too