Looking for BMW i3s BEV allocation


Hackr friends… BMW i3s BEV production is ending and I am trying to find one last allocation. I have inquired with a bunch of stores, but no luck.

I will travel / transport anywhere to order my exact build. It is a gift for my girlfriend.

Does anybody know of an i3 allocation that can still be customized?

Many thanks!

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Unfortunately as of June 27th there were only 13 build slots remaining for the i3s BEV for the entire country. Production is ending at the end of this month so it’s extremely unlikely that there’s a dealer out there that has an allocation left that can still be modified.

I share in your enthusiasm for the i3s, as I have an i3s REx that entered production at the beginning of this month. It took a lot of time and effort just to get that build, and I originally wanted a BEV as well with the Harman/Kardon which is no longer available.

Your options at this point are to either locate an in-stock car that matches your build as closely as possible or to find a dealer that has an i3s that’s being transported that you can put a deposit on.

I am sure there are few other cars out there that will make her even happier than a measly i3 :wink:

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As of today, I am told there are 8 slots remaining. I am trying to find one of them.

Clearly you have never met my girlfriend. :laughing:


It’s amazing if that’s accurate. Those dealers must not want to build them.

Keep in mind there are 348 BMW centers in North America. That means of the 8 that could potentially have it 340 don’t. I ran the statistics earlier and my odds of finding the allocation in June were also low.

I’ll keep searching. In the meantime, if any brokers can secure this allocation then I am happy to do business. :sunglasses:

I think I found the last allocation. It will cost me MSRP + 24 bips on the MF. This is the total opposite of a lease hack. This is a lease jack! A lease smack!

I don’t know if I can overcome the mental burden of paying MSRP for a BMW. Gonna think about it for an hour.


Out of curiosity and enthusiasm for the i3 what’s your build looking like?

While MSRP pushes you into Tesla territory the i3s is also incredibly unique if you like the styling.

I was lucky enough to get 6.55% off my build but if I waited I’d likely be at MSRP as well, and if I’m being honest I’m not sure I would have done it at MSRP. You can continue checking around but every dealer will probably be at MSRP with <8 allocations remaining for the entire country. I’d try to get them to remove the overcharge on the money factor at least.

Love is Blind.

PS: please dont do it on an outgoing car…
My dealer in GA has 5 or 6 available I3’s / you can probably throw in a Rolex for the GF and still come back better.

It’s possible he could find an in-stock car at or under invoice. It depends if he’s willing to shop around. Inventory is slim though and the s model is particularly desirable and difficult to find.

With loyalty and base money factor even at MSRP it’s not going to be too bad relatively speaking assuming it doesn’t bother OP paying $3k+ more than he would have 2-3 months ago.

I see an IS with Range Extender but barebones in terms of options at 51k
an I with tech pack at 53k

I hope in the next 42 minutes or so you realize how bad of an idea paying MSRP would be :sunglasses:

If you absolutely love them, pick one up once the used car market bubble pops.

I’d say run the numbers. It’s possible even at a premium it may be worthwhile. It’s unlikely to be over $500/month unless the dealer adds in unnecessary fees, although I’d definitely try to get them to lower the money factor. One other option is if they’ll take $1,000 off with an OL code.

I am going to say it at the risk of sounding harsh…
Have you considered looking at other options…I mean Girlfriends?

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I’m sure you know your girlfriend better than us but have you tried telling her by choosing a car on the lot or some other model could save you (& plural you) couple thousand dollars?


Probably gone today though.


It’s odd that dealer would even need to go through a broker, but what I’ve noticed in some cases is that they’ll try to sell to customers at MSRP/invoice with a marked-up money factor (at least in this market) then if nobody takes their offer after a certain timeframe they’ll either essentially clear it out via a broker or give a deal to the next customer.

Build EIVTWPTR + HK stereo (now removed from the configurator)

I’m too analytical for blind love. Squinty love, maybe.

Yeah, this is where I need to be.

Thank you for your support. I have come to my senses and declined the MSRP allocation on a Sport BEV.

Fair question! She’s a keeper though. She cringed big-time when I told her the numbers on the Sport BEV. “That’s nowhere close to our current $152.43/month on the i3 non-Sport.” (I love that she knows the exact cents. She’s a hackr through and through!)

No need. She recoiled in terror at the thought of MSRP on an outgoing Sport BEV.

Time to shop for an in-stock non-Sport BEV.

White, Giga, Tech, Heat Pump, let’s gooooo!


But it’s for your girlfriend, so the more you pay the happier she will be.

And who is this lease under?

It’s for his girlfriend, once she finds out he paid MSRP the love will blossom even further.