Looking for an S4 A6 in my area.. this is what I got

What do y’all think?

Just 3.2% discount… it’s for an S4. Could I ask all the way up to 12%? Want to feel out this local dealership first.

Plenty of S4 discussion on here. This is obviously terrible.


You know it’s a crappy deal when for 10% more monthly you could own it instead.

Im looking but doesn’t MF n RV change based off location? Or is that set nationally? I asked Edmunds but waiting for a reply.

Absolutely abysmal. They aren’t giving you a discount aside from the season of audi incentives.

Geez man the residual is on the sheet. I’m talking about selling price discount


I think I vomitted a little in my mouth.

Correct me but I think its not a discount. It looks marked up price , minus the rebate, to look like you are getting a 3% discount.


Yes 3.18%… talking over an A6. Says he can give $1500 off invoice… Says he will give buy rate of .00005.

They went up to 7.9% off

I wouldn’t buy just because of that little schpiel on the quote.


I would buy just because of this honey bunny


A6 sounds expensive to me but I’ve never shopped for an A6.

My lease for s4 is a prestige, which apparently does not lease well. Given that your quote is much higher than my payment.

I would seek out other Audi dealers,

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Why are you continuing to waste time with these clowns?


Because it was local… doesn’t hurt to try. Not much out here in West Texas but tumble weeds. Thank y’all for feed back.

$900/mo for an A6. Wow. I never would have imagined folks could be paying that much.

How much is a typical prestige a6 lease for

I know everyone here always talking about mid trims but in my eyes if I’m paying for it I might as well deck it out. My objective for leasing is trying before I buy. (Of course this is my first one)

I would imagine I would buy, but something tells me there will be a new function or option that will just make me lease again

That’s all well and good for financing/purchasing, but dumb logic for leasing and the purposes of this forum.

You need to compare RV and MF across all trims. Pretty sure the top trim on Audi has a huge RV penalty.

As a point of reference, you should be able to get 11-12% off before incentives:

Why pay for something and not have what you want.

Example: IF the option for sport differential was only available for top trim why would I settle for less if I really wanted it. Just for the sole purpose of lowering my payments? Don’t wanna pay monthly for something and wish I had X

The purpose of this forum is to get what you want while trying not to get fleeced otherwise we can all lease Nissan veras for 99 a month with 0 das.

Did they try the “if I could, would ya?” line?

Prestige is a 3 point RV deduction.