Looking for a Sports Sedan to lease at $400 a month

I recently shopped an Alfa Giulia Ti Sport aggressively. I went to 2 local dealers in AZ, then called several dealers in California, Texas, and a couple dealers in the East Coast. They just don’t lease well at this point. This would be our family car to replace a BMW X5. It’s obviously not roomy, the back seats are cramped at best, but the handling and steering feel the nearing previous generation Beemers and modern Porsche’s. The steering is that good! The power was decent, but it’s in severe need of an ECU tune for those of us who are power hungry. I shopped a Ti Sport with a $48k MSRP. The best I saw was $3k down, 15k a month, 24 months, for over $500 a month! That was simply too much. I’m cross-shopping it with a Q50 Red Sport, an Audi S4, and a BMW 340i M Sport. I’m looking for 15k miles a year, $2-3k down, and a payment of $400. The closest one so far to my price was an S4 (which I’m personal friends with the new car sales manager), and the Q50. I found a dealer that would do the Red Sport For $450 a month plus tax, 2k down, 15k miles a year, 39 months, plus shipping form Cali to AZ on a $56k MSRP car. I shopped the Q50 Red Sport the hardest, mainly because of some of the deals I’ve seen here on that car, but it turns out those really aggressive deals ended at Infiniti’s end of fiscal year in March. I’m putting in some hard work here and I’m sure it will pay off. I’ve called several Cali Infiniti dealers and told them to call me if they need a unit moved by the end of this month and meet my figures of $2k down, 15k miles a year, and $395 a month including taxes.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

There are so many threads asking this same thing already. Read and post in one.

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